Small artifact used by the Pathfinder Society


A wayfinder is a magic item used almost exclusively by members of the Pathfinder Society, so much so that the small device has become a calling card of sorts for the explorers and chroniclers. It functions primarily as a compass and also can emit light when instructed. It also contains slots that fit ioun stones.

The wayfinder is a blend of artistry, magic, and technology. Reverse-engineered from half-understood artifacts, wayfinders combine the function of a mundane compass with magical utility and—a somewhat guarded secret—the power to enhance the function of ioun stones. Within each wayfinder is a fine lattice of wire, spun of silver, gold, or even more precious metals. This lattice channels and amplifies the natural energy of the ioun stone, extending its benefits to the owner as long as the wayfinder is held or kept close to the body.



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