Girding an army for battle can be expensive! At the time an army is created, as a default it is assumed to possess simple melee weapons and light armor, often homemade or improvised from equipment usually used in farming, crafts, or trades.

Gear can be upgraded at any time after the unit is created, assuming the army is in the same hex as a settlement containing a building of the appropriate type (see table below). However, each time gear is changed for the army after creation, the army must undergo training with this new gear. This decision happens during a kingdom turn and takes one kingdom turn to complete, and until training is completed the army gains no benefit from its new equipment


Armor, Heavy 8 BP - +2 - 1 Smith, Tannery
Armor, Magic 16 BP - - +1(1) - Smith, Magic Shop
Armor, Medium 2 BP - +1 - 1 Smith, Tannery
Chariots, Heavy(M, 2) 15 BP +2 +0 +1 as mount – 1 Smith, Stable
Chariots, Light(M, 2) 9 BP +1 +0 +0 As Mount Smith, Stable
Firearms (2) 16 BP - +1 - Exotic Artisan, Smith
Howdahs, Heavy (M, 2) 20 BP - +1 +2 As Mount – 1 Exotic Artisan, Stable
Howdahs, Light (M, 2) 12 BP - +0 +1 As Mount Exotic Artisan, Stable
Mounts, Heavy (M) 10 BP +2 - - As Mount Stable
Mounts, Light (M) 6 BP +1 - - As Mount Stable
Potions, Healing 4 BP - Alchemist or Temple
Potions, Magic 8 BP - - - - Alchemist, Caster’s Tower, Sacred Grove or Temple
Shields 1 BP - - +1 - Smith or Tannery
Shields, Magic 16 BP - +1(1) - Smith, Magic Shop
Siege Weapons, Light(2) 5 BP - +1 - - 1 Exotic Artisan
Siege Weapons, Heavy (2) 15 BP - +2 - - 2 Exotic Artisan
Siege Weapons, Close 10 BP +1 - +1 – 2 Exotic Artisan
Weapons, Magic 24 BP +2 +2 - - Magic Shop
Weapons, Ranged(2) 1 BP - +0 - - -
Weapons, Reach 1 BP - - +1(3) - -
Weapons, Superior 4 BP +1 +1 - - Smith

  • M – an army with mounts has double the normal Consumption cost (triple for chariots and howdahs!), as the mounts must also be provisioned. In addition, the cost to equip an army with mounts with Medium or Heavy Army is increased by 50% to provide barding for the mounts
  • 1 – The DV bonus for magic armor can be applied to ordinary armor but also stacks with Medium and Heavy Armor. The bonus for Magic Shields also stacks but requires Shields.
  • 2 – An army with Ranged Weapons increases its consumption by 1 (or 1d4 if using Firearms or Heavy Siege Weapons) during any week in which it participates in a battle
  • 3 The DV bonus applies only against armies with mounts or armies that are not already engaged with you. An army cannot use Reach weapons during any Battle Phase in which is uses Ranged Weapons or Shields

Chariots: These wheeled conveyances are driven into combat, drawn by war-trained beasts of burden and bearing one or more warriors into battle

Chariots, Heavy: These combat vehicles are stout and sturdy, drawn by a team of two heavy or four light mounts. Heavy Chariots are usually armor-plated to give cover to a pair of armed passengers. The chariots themselves are typically spiked and bladed for scything through enemy formations

Chariots, Light: These combat vehicles are lightweight and fast, each drawn by a single heavy mount or pair of light mounts, usually with a single driver and a bow armed-rider. Bladed hubs cut a bloody path through creatures approaching a moving chariot’s flanks.

Healing Potions: Armies with healing potions can use a Magical Healing command boon on themselves on a one-time basis. Unlike most equipment, training time is not required to use healing potions. Once used, they must be replaced before being usable again.

Howdah: Howdahs are special saddles and battle platforms used by smaller creatures to ride much larger creatures (more than one size category larger) into combat. The base army is considered to be the unit on which the howdahs are mounted, and its CR is used to determine the ACR of the army in Melee situations. A unit with howdahs can make ranged attacks; however, the larger and generally much stronger creature bearing the howdah is not the creature making these ranged attacks, so its base CR is not used to determine the howdah’s ranged OM (unless the base creature is a dragon, manticore, or similar creature with a ranged attack)

Instead, its OM for ranged attacks is based on the CR of the creatures riding the howdah, which is treated for this purpose (and the purpose of recruiting, manpower and effects on the kingdom if these soldiers are killed) as a separate army of smaller creatures. it does not have its own separate consumption, not does it count against the kingdom’s Command Limit. If the mount army is bloodied, defeated, destroyed, disbanded or routed, the rider army suffers the same fate.

Howdah, Grand: Grand howdahs are mounted on creatures three size categories larger than the howdah’s riders. A grand howdah carries 10 soldiers, so its ranged OM is determined as an army three size categories larger than the mount army.

Howdah, Light Light howdahs are mounted on creatures two size categories larger than the howdah’s riders (such as humans and elephants). A light howdah carries 4-5 soldiers, so the ranged OM of the howdah army is determined by an army two size categories larger than the mount army.

Magic Potions Armies with magic potions can choose any one of the following effects that they can use as a single-use special ability that lasts for the duration of one Battle phase: elemental resistance 10 (choose type), magic weapons, aligned weapons, defense (+ 2 DV), invisibility (invisibility special ability), flight (engage with flying enemies, flight ability at speed 5), climb (climb special ability)

Siege Weapons

You army includes catapults, rams, trebuchets, balistae and other siege engines designed to break down fortifications. Each Ranged or Melee phase as appropriate reduce the DV from fortifications by 1d4 per siege engine of the appropriate type in your army. Unlike other resources, the cost of a siege engine doesnt scale with the army’s size.

Siege Weapons, Close: These heavy rams, picks, tumbling flails and battle wagons can attack only in melee and are generally deployed in conjunction with movable manlets and galleries or even full blown siege towers

Siege Weapons, Light: These light weapons, including smaller ballistae, catapults, springals , cannons and mortars, must attack from the Ranged Zone.

Siege Weapons, Heavy: These massive siege engines, like larger mangongels, trebucherts and bombards, are placed within the Camp zone and still are able to make ranged attacks against enemy forces. They cannot be attacked in return except by other heavy siege weapons or by an army with the Magical Bombardment command boon.


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