The Kelrand Light – If a person were wont to listen to the rantings of Vagda Gruffmud, they would think that the Kelrand light was unsafe, rickety, and ready to burst into an immediate explosion.

As it is, the structure already has a strange reputation – newly built, many of the inhabitants of Glamorfell believe it to be haunted by its namesake, the beautiful Tessa Kelrand. Few in Glamorfell forget the whirlwind of excitement that surrounded Tessa when she and her lover, Namdrin Quinn, settled into Glamorfell for a little more than a dizzying and celebrity-filled half year.

The two were seen constantly in town singing or adventuring around the countryside until her tragic death in an unusually blustery Gozran of 1473 AR. She and her husband, along with Tenzy the gnome and Jhod Kavken traveled to the reaches of Glamorfell to free the populace from a ravening Sceaduinar that had mysteriously appeared in the local iron mines.

Sadly, Tessa was killed in the attempt to dispel the beast, but her body was interred in Foundling’s Reach with a monument for her bravery.

Many of her admirers remember the gleam in her eyes and hope that she radiated, and opted to dedicate the town’s guiding light in her name. Many say she rests uneasy, however. Rumors exist that the light has been known to mysteriously shift rapidly between colors in the middle of the night and that her sad voice can be heard on particularly windy evenings from its highest windows calling out in despair for her departed lover, Namdrin Quinn.


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