Calistril 4710 AR

24 – Campaign Begins. Charter signed and given to group. “Free Spirit of Restov” is led by Captain Ivan Ivanovich. Group follows Ivanovich and discovers evidence of illegal activity. Ivanovich is captured and charter is given to heroes by Jamandi Aldori

25 – Group departs Restov in the company of Baron Hannis Drelev, leader of the Drelev Excursion. Travels down the Shrike River by water.

26 – Group arrives in Nivatka’s Crossing and parts ways with Drelev. Attempted breaking and entering into wizard’s tower.

28 – Group finds overturned cart on South Rostland Road, with several victims killed in an apparent bandit attack. A ghoul hid among the remains.

Pharast 4710 AR

2 – Group passes Fork Serenko, abandoned, marking the Brevic border.

3 – Group discovers Lorrence the hunter, nearly naked, on Greenbelt plains. After being given clothing and a fire to warm himself by, he shares food with the party.

8 – Arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post. Met Oleg and his wife, Svetlana. They inform the party of an upcoming bandit raid.

9 – Destroyed bandit party bent on raiding Oleg’s, led by Happs Bydon. Happs was tried and executed for his crimes. The bandit Storr was spared and allowed to work at Oleg’s.

10 – Group sets out to explore the Greenbelt.

16 – Attacked by trap door spider! Found treasure map to lighting tree.

21 – Met Mikmek, gathered 3 bushels of radishes. Ambushed and killed five bandits.

24 – Return to Oleg’s, to be met by Kesten of House Garess and the Free Irregulars

25 – Left Oleg’s with Mikmek, Vekkel returns to Restov to sell goods for Oleg.

Gozran 4710 AR

3 – Encountered angry troll. Party ran.

4 – Encountered wyvern flying north. Party hid.

5 – Found the lightning tree and the journal of Pathfinder Sadiq Tamim

13 – Determined to recover the kobold god Old Sharptooth, party entered the mite caverns under the Old Sycamore. Recovered Old Sharptooth, rescued Nakpik and Walorin. Aduialon left to return to Kyonin. Mite hordes are defeated. Grabbles, King among Mites, escaped on his steed Tickleback.

14— Party ambushed in early morning by wolves, led by Moonshadow the worg. There were chasing Jacob Featherstep, an awkward teenage trapper. Jacob gave Constance’s mail to party, and asked them to spare his brother Patrik if they encounter him

16- Entered Sootscale Caverns. Gave the statue of Old Sharptooth to Chief Sootscale. Led revolt against Tartuk for his crimes against kobolds. Killed Old Sharptooth while Tartuk fled. Diplomatic ties opened with kobolds.

17 – Left Sootscale Caverns

19 – Discovered low point in the Thorn River, allowing a crossing

24 – Stumbled upon the abandoned home of the Old Beldame in the hills. Stole a small magical shrunken head, and was attacked by an angry man-eating cauldron. Lit house on fire and destroyed it. Later that day, discovered the remains of Davik Nettles’ crossing. Davik emerged from the river, asking the PCs to deliver the Stag Lord’s body to him. Sayd nearly drowns in foolish attempt to swim Shrike River, but is saved by Walorin

Desnus 4710 AR

1 – Discovered two arbiters – planar handymen from Axis – destroying planar barriers above the Swimming Hole. Left them alone.

2 – Arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post. Met Jhod Kavken and Novan the Carpenter.

9 – Left Oleg’s for further exploration

12 – Met Bokken the hermit. Defended him from homicidal badgers

15 – Discovered abandoned saltpeter mine. Killed two thawns who inhabited it

19 – Reached Tenzy’s cottage. Saved the children Mikra and Kimi from a swarm of bees. Met Tenzy the gnome, a bee enthusiast.

23 – Rediscovered and mapped the moon radish patch within the Narlmarch Forest

26 – Ran from two owlbears hunting the hills

27 – Discovered long abandoned gold mine. Retreated from mine after scouting it and discovering creatures within.

29 – Discovered Kalkamedes’ cottage and Jacob Featherstep helping him. Followed Kalkamedes on his night march.

30 – Helped Kalkamedes banish the demon Kaul’Vaul from the Black Vault. Received blessing from Suliana the ghaele. Kalkamedes able to sleep again.

31- Left Kalkamedes’ house to return to Oleg’s.

Saerenith 4710 AR

4 – Returned to Oleg’s early in the morning. Resupplied and received mail. That evening, Novan the carpenter is revealed to be a spy and attempts to burn down Oleg’s. Searos the Skinchanger is caught in the attempt while Novan (now Dovan) escapes.

5 – Party leads efforts to fortify Oleg’s from further attacks. Oleg calls in for help among contacts in the area, and a variety of trappers, fishermen and locals arrive to help. Walls are lined with additional torches, water barrels and sand barrels. All trees within a 100 foot radius of Oleg’s are cut down.

6 – Woodrow the diabolist, gentleman priest of Asmodeus, arrives seeking parley for Searos the Skinchanger. In return, he offers to return a captured prisoner, Jacob Featherstep, who stumbled into the Thorn River Camp while being pursued by wolves and a will-o-wisp.

7 – Searos the Skinchanger, aka Searos Eaveswalker is executed for his crimes after admitting to murdering over a dozen half-elves in the region. Strong possibility that most or all of these were his half siblings.

10 – Walorin finds a loose panel under his bed while moving it to make room for his alchemical lab. In the panel he finds an old ale bottle with a letter inside, over four decades old. The letter details the location of a treasure trove to the east. Also found are a wedding ring and a plea for one Jonathan Trentovy to deliver the treasure to the author’s “fair Ophelia in Brevoy”. It is signed by Bartholemew Eledemon.

12 – Elissa Rosemantle and Kalkamedes leave Oleg’s in secret to negotiate for Jacob Featherstep’s release. The party leaves Oleg’s to destroy the Thorn River Camp.

13 – Party encounters grizzly bear on the edge of the forest late in the evening. Grizzly leaves camp on its own accord.

17 – Party stays at Kalkamedes’ house for the night. Sees glowing lights in the distance again.

20 – Party discovers signs of the Thorn River Camp and bungles a reconnaissance attempt. Large fight between the heroes and Kressle’s bandits, leaving the bandits and Kressle dead. Once she falls, several other bandits flee. An amateur adept, Helena, is captured.

24 – Party returns to Oleg’s with word of Kressle’s defeat. Celebration ensues. The rehabilitation of Helena begins.

26 – Helena tells the party as much as she remembers about the Stag Lord and his fort, including: his drinking problem, the old man kept in the basement, the password to enter, and the fort’s location.

27 – Party leaves Olegs again to explore the Narlmarch Forest

Erastus 4710 AR

2 – Party encounters a strange lizard creature known as a carbuncle. Kinky manages to befriend it.

3 – Party discovers Pervilash and Tyg’s nest in the Narlmarch Forest. Pervilash gives party more of his blue warding stones in exchage for drugs and marbles.

6 – Party encounters and befriends GnarlRoot, a wounded treant. He says he was stabbed by a unicorn friend of his Albany the Fair, whose horn broke off inside him. He asks the party to find the maddened unicorn and to burn its body.
He also informs the party that a friend of his, the Singing Tree, has awoken after a long slumber near Hollow. He fears that she may be causing much chaos in the forest.

9 – Party encounters the body of a little girl, Karda, on the trail to Hollow. She had been eaten by ravenous squirrels.

Party enters the mostly abandoned village of Hollow and encounters Brother Arkadi, the spokesman for the town and follower of Gozreh.

During dinner with Anna Eaveswalker, a pack of wolves attacks the village. Three villagers are killed, two seriously injured. The pack is driven off.

The party then met a grieving Draah Yurt, whose father had been killed by his normally docile prize bull a few days ago. Encountering the enraged bull, the party put it down.

10 – During the evening the Hollow Man appears, accompanied by two scarecrows. It knocks thrice on Kostya the wheelwright’s door before barging in and cutting off his head with a single swipe of his scythe. Panic greets his arrival.

He then parades the head about town and points at the following four people, knocking on his weapon each time.

Baca the tailor

Koren the widow’s eldest son, Torb

Chrobak the farmer

Walorin the barbarian

Panic greets his arrival.

11 – Sayd and Walorin work together to fix the walls of the kiln, while villagers scour the nearby forest for large rocks.

Baca the tailor loads a cart with his possessions and flees Hollow, vowing never to return. That evening, the Hollow Man appears again with his head, parading it about town before disappearing into the forest.

12 – Mother Molvor, a wise woman who lives outside of the town proper, appears with her young ward, a shy child named Savram. She says that she has seen the Hollow Man outside of her home, Dead Nettle Cottage, two nights in a row.

Sayd arranges the villagers in a semi circle around the kiln with torches and uses the next victim, a boy named Torb, as bait. The Hollow Man arrives, and an enlarged Walorin pushes bull rushes him into the kiln’s chimney while Yelenya and Teret fight off his minions. The Hollow Man attempts to escape, but is stopped by the combined efforts of everyone present.

The Hollow Man burns to ashes, and his scarecrows are destroyed.

13 – The party sets off toward Dead Nettle Cottage, looking for signs of the Hollow Man. They are able to determine the Hollow Man’s rough path through the sparse trail of dead animals he left in his wake. Along the way, they see signs of unrest and chaos in the forest.

They eventually encounter The Singing Tree, a creature whose branches are tipped with the decapitated heads of the villagers. The tree alternately tries to influence them with its singing and summons small earth elementals to defend itself. Helena is killed during the combat. The tree is destroyed, becoming a white petrified statue of a beautiful woman.

That evening they are visisted Tsarin the Dirgist and his black hound, Shadow. They ask for some information about Helena and her life so that they may compose a suitable dirge for her passing.

14 – The players return to Hollow after the defeat of the Singing Tree, and are rewarded by Mother Molvor. They resupply at Hollow.

15 – The party leaves Hollow to explore the Narlmarch Forest. They are asked to keep the village a secret and to only return once a season unless they want to join the community.

18 – Players discover a pit trap that had been rigged and sabotaged to backfire against its owner. The owner, Breeg Orlivanch, was found dead inside the deadfall trap, crushed beneath a series of logs. The PCs recognized the name as one of the long-time trappers in the region, and one of the recipients of Constance Devine’s mail.

21 – Following the Thorn River, the players discover a triggered pit trap with a man named Rime inside. The man has a broken leg and is hiding several bottles of wine. The PCs quickly discern he was one of the bandits from the Thorn River Camp. Sayd burns him alive inside of his pit.

23 – While camping, the party is attacked by a ball of giant worms that has burrowed through the ground. It was quickly defeated.

26 – The party discovers the abandoned Temple of the Elk, a former temple of Erastil. Long abandoned, it is a one of the remnants of a long-ago Taldan colonization expedition that went awry. Within the temple they find a crazed brown bear who must be put down. Once killed, the bear turns into an old man who quickly evaporates into dust. The temple now appears cleansed.

29 – The party returns to the outskirts of Hollow to resupply. They meet Corax the unclean, a lumberjack who is allowed to deal with outsiders.

31 – The party encounters an expedition of five trolls who appear to be trying to map the area but are lost. They repeat several times that they are looking for a colony of kobolds who live within the forest.

Arodus 4710 AR

4 – The players discover the source of a river, which also appears to be a hot spring. Three giant frogs who nest there attack the party but are quickly defeated. In turn, two ghasts who feed upon giant frogs then attack the party. The party flees.

5 – Party meets Miles Bandy of banks of the Skunk River, and help him with his catch. He tells them his nets have been sabotaged and that he is searching for the remains of his dead uncle, adventurer Timitius Bandy.

10 – The party encounters an angry owlbear on the other side of the Skunk River. After they pelt him with ranged fire, the owlbear flees. The party crosses the river and tracks the owlbear, slaughtering the wounded beast.

11 – Party encounters the Boggard Garuum, who they are unable to communicate with. He appears to have made a home out of two abandoned buildings with his pet slurks. The party leaves him food and then departs.

15 – The party finds a makeshift dam in the Skunk River, and discovers three tatzylwyrms that have made a lair on an island in the middle of the river. The party attempts to sneak onto the island and slaughter the creatures. They preserve one tatzylwyrm’s head for Oleg’s reward.

Kaede attempts to preserve the head for the trip back.

Digging through the debris of rocks and dead bodies, the party finds considerable reward. They also find the body of Miles’ uncle, Timitius.

16 – The party discovers a nest of Yellow Musk Creepers, plants the destroy the minds of sentient creatures and then animate them. Identifying this nest, the party decides to avoid it.

19 – The party stumbles upon a forested glade wherin all the trees appear to be wearing armor. The armor looks to have many dents in it.

Communicating with his patron, Wally recieves a vision that these trees were once a human battalion, turned into trees by the magic of a mysterious female figure.

21 – The party discovers a derelict statue in the forest. After some inspection, they determine it is a statue to the human god Erastil. The party cleans the statue as best they can are awarded a magical boon by the deity.

That evening, they are visited by a sullen and scarred human figure who questions them and their intentions.

25 – The party arrives at the outskirts of Hollow and negotates with Corax the Unclean for resupplies.

31 – The party stumbles upon a glade full of inhumane and wicked bear traps, left by the now deceased trapper Breen Orlivanch. After injuring her leg in one of the traps, Kaede becomes determined to find them all.

Salvaging the ones they can, the group gathers them up and sets out for Hollow.

Rova 4710 AR

2 – The party returns to Hollow and sells Breeg’s bear traps at a considerable profit. The party tells Corax that Breeg was killed by one of his own sabotaged traps. Corax tells the party that this sounds like fey work and thanks the party for removing the traps.

6 – Encountered Harris, from Oleg’s, on a routine scouting patrol. He said that he had brought Vekkel to Tenzy’s to help him with his bees.

7 – Traveled to Oleg’s along the new path from Tenzy’s. Saw evidence of increased commerce and became gave updates to everyone. Gave Oleg the tatzylwyrm head, gave Jhod the news of the Temple of the Elk. Mikmek was working on a pit trap in front of the gates. Took a few off to recover.

10 – Josef arrives at Oleg’s, an archaeologist from the Royal Academy of Archaeology in New Stetven. He had been hired by Maegar Varn to study ruins in the region around Varnhold and had heard word of an archaeological find near Oleg’s. Met the party and agreed to accompany them if he could keep any relics they discovered.

12- Went to the swimming hole southeast of Oleg’s Discovered strange magical effects surrounding the pool and the bridge, causing Sayd to be overwhelmed with lust. Discovered increasing evidence of a planar breach.

14 – Went to Kalkamedes’ house, where the party met and talked to Elissa and Jacob. They exchanged pleasantries and had lunch. Later went to the abandoned gold mine and discovered a duo of predators that attacked them. After exploring the cavern, found evidence that kobolds had tunneled into it from underground.

18 – While exploring an area around the Thorn RIver, saw a wyvern. Hid from the wyvern.

21 – crossed the Thorn River at a shallow ford discovered in the water.

22- Continued up the other side of the Thorn River, exploring.

26 – While mapping along the expanse of the Thorn River, discovered a patch of fangberry bushes in a narrow valley.

After being swarmed by thousands of spiders, 14 pounds of the berries were able to be picked over the course of the day.

27 – Party encounters an old woman by the river, Baba Migori, who tells them that the Honey Queen lairs nearby. She asks that they rescue a girl named “Lyla” from the Queen’s lair

30 – The party is granted audience with Chief Sootcale and his herald, the yapper Pirrek. They trade goods for food and feed. They offer the nearby gold mine in exchange for a bridge built over the Thorn River. They pay the kobolds to deliver the fangberries to Bokken.

Lamashan 4710 AR

3- The party sees a lone copper dragon flying north through the Kamelands.

8 – While mapping a hex in the Kamelands, the party suddenly feels an alien presence. They are ambushed by – and narrowly defeat – the grotesque boar, Tuskgutter.

11- The party encounters a woman named Elsee, who asks them to help her child Obiah who is stuck in a tree 80 feet off the ground. A spider makes its way toward the boy. The party manages to kill the spider and rescue Obiah.

14 – While exploring the Narlmarch Forest, the party sees a beutiful young alsied – or deer centaur- fleeing the predations of a slobbering ogre. After rescuing her, she tells them a bit about Lyla and the Honey Queen before departing.

15 – The party is warned by Yukimura of the presence of nearby gigantic bees, flitting about in a field of purple flowers. The group decides to leave these bees for another day.

17 – The party re-vsists Garuum with Josef, enabling communication. He tells them his story of exile and disfigurement.

23 – While exploring the Narlmarch Forest, the group falls into a pit trap holding an incredibly irate blood cougar. Sayd and Kaede fight and kill the creature in the cramped confines of its own pit.

25- After a morning of owlbear attacks, the group finds the lair of the Honey Queen and investigates. They are haunted by the “bee-ghost” of Lyla. After navigating a variety of traps, they are confronted by a trio of fey creatures doing business with the queen – including a quickling, a Truescale kobold, and a mite. After battling them, they gain audience with the queen. After a brief battle they surrender, giving her the Hollow Man’s scythe in return for their lives and two doses of her magical honey. The Honey Queen makes it very clear that Lyla, in her eternal slumber, is not to be removed from the hive.

28 – The group finds the remains of a decomposing half-elf with a rather fine set of armor and sword. The half-elf’s head appears to be bashed in. Within a sack at his side they find three expensive goblets of dwarven make. That evening, one of the goblets animates and tries to kill Sayd.

30 – the group returns to Hollow, to discover that the town is in panic. Several children: Mikra Jabs, Jurin Kreed, Hollin Hebradam and Savram Vade have followed the lead of Kimmi Eaveswalker to form their own adventuring band. The group is blamed by Mr. Kreed, the local lumber baron. The group agrees to look for the children after re-stocking in Hollow.

31- The first day after leaving Hollow, the group sees a number of fey – small sprite like creatures – with their iridescent, shimmering blood sprayed among the leaves. The fey seem to have been tied to trees after being partially eaten.

Neth 4710 AR

1 – Around dusk, the group sees two shifting, black clouds that walk somewhat like men. As they get closer, it looks to be the shadowed, swirling and shifting outline of two dwarves. Their speech, once close enough, drives everyone in the party but Sayd into madness. Sayd hides the group until the creatures pass, avoiding their notice.

2- Around dusk, party encounters three bugbears fighting over a human corpse they had killed, who appeared to be a lumberjack. After a brief fight, the bugbears were killed.

5 – Group finds the remains of Elara’s Halfway House, which appears to have been burned to the ground. While investigating the wreckage, they find the remains of a basement that seems to have been used as a torture chamber to rehabilitate the more troublesome children. While pissing on a corpse, a swarm of spiders erupts from a dead body and attacks Teret.

Meanwhile, a feral girl is seen in the woods. After she is chased down and apprehended, she identifies herself as Jeva, saying she is the only living child to escape the fire at the orphanage. Jeva’s arms are covered in scars, she is covered in dirt, and it appears she hasn’t eaten in days.

The group finds what appears to be the campfire of a the missing children. There are signs of a struggle and red scales are littered about the campsite. Jeva explains that the children were kidnapped after a long fight with some kobolds.

8 – Tracking the children for several days, the group finds an abandoned dwarven monastery. While exploring it they meet Moonshadow, self proclaimed lord of its upper floors.

9 – Descending below, the group finds a haunted hall of dwarven misdeeds. They rescue Kimmi, Mikra, Jurin and Savram alongside their rescuer Edgrin before resting and trying to save Hollin
The group descends again, slaying many Truescale kobold enemies before coming before the kobold king, Merlokrep and his pet sorcerer Jekkajakk. Slaying both and rescuing Hollin, the group then gives control of the kobolds to the sly Keddremak.

They find Vreggma and convince her that her station would be improved with Chief Sootscale. The group finds Hollin, traumatized and comatose.

10 – After buying Edgrin’s friend Tyran Moonsilver in the forest, the group sets out toward Hollow.

12 – Crossing the plains, the group takes a shortcut toward Hollow and delivers the children back into the hands of the grateful townspeople. Hollin and his sister Ralla ask to stay with the group for their own safety. Walorin delivers Ralla from a life of prostitution.

14 – The group encounters Baba Migori in the forest and explain to her what happened with Lyla. She gives them a ominous prophesy about the children they have saved.

17 – The group encounters Kardoblag in the Narlmarch Forest, a drunken Hill Giant stumbling and uprooting trees in the forest. He lost his wedding ring after hiding it so that he could “bang a few troll broads”. The group helps him find it.

18 – Stumbling upon some tracks at the edge of the forest, the group thinks that two trolls have kidnapped a human man that was running from them. They follow the tracks.

19 – Tracking two trolls, the group ambush them from afar with an elaborate trap to separate them. After trapping one in a pit and killing it, they successfully intimidate the other and get him to drop the human he was holding. He runs away with dire warnings from King Hargulka.

They have saved Willas Gundarsan, explorer on behalf of The Varnling Host. An friendly if irritable man, he knows Josef and decides to stay with the party.

20 – The group passes by the Rickety Bridge, rebuilt anew. Now named “The Sootscale Span”.

24 – Arriving at the Sootscale Caverns, the group is interrogated at first by Narghmar, Guardian of the Entrances and Unofficial Advice Columnist of the Sootscale Sentinel, a newspaper he wants to create.

Given an audience with Chief Sootscale, the group gives him the Crown of the Kobold Kings, the axe Man-Feller and their captive Vreggma. An alliance between the two kingdoms is sealed and celebrated with much merriment!

25 – The PCs leave the Sootscale Caverns by means of the Golden Road.

30 – The PCs arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Kuthona 4710 AR

1 – After resupplying at Oleg’s, The party sets off after hearing mysterious rumors from Harris. They reach Tenzy’s and receive their reward. Tenzy seems strangely upset at how effective Vekkel is as his assistant.

3 – Arriving at Bokken’s, the group receives their potion reward. They also hear strange high pitched singing around Bokken while he is taking his bath in his front yard.

6 – The group is ambushed in the plains by three enormous giant mantis’. Sadly, Mikmek is killed in the altercation.

7 – The party finds the remainder of an enormous party of what appears to be mites heading east across the plains. They also see 10 giant bees flying overhead, piloted by more of the blue creatures.

11 – The group arrives at the Sootscale caverns to deliver Mikemek’s body for a hero’s burial. They alert Chief Sootscale of the massing mite army.

17 – The group arrives at the location of the Accursed Halls after exiting the Golden Road.

18 – First snowfall of the winter.

19 – The door to the Accursed Halls opens beneath the first night of the full moon, allowing a short lived entrance.

The party flees the Accursed Halls after a goblin ambush.

21 – The party is ambushed by a desiccated looking shambling mound, which is quickly killed.

24 – The party resupplies at Oleg’s.

30 – An abandoned stone hut is found in the plains west of the Narlmarch. Inside is an impaled skeleton and a shrine to Gyronna, The Angry Hag.

26 – The party comes to Lorrence’s cabin in the Narlmarch, who tells them about an increasing number of wolf attacks.

Abadius 4711 AR

3 – An ancient barbarian cairn, of a tribe identified as the Tiger Lords by Josef, is discovered hidden in the plains. After a brief moral discussion the body inside is exhumed and it is revealed to be leader or prince among the Tiger Lords. A ring of swimming is liberated from its corpse.

5 – Two enormous giant whip-tailed centipedes emerge from the snow. After a timely Obscuring Mist spell, they are dispatched.

10 – The group re-enters the Narlmarch Forest, its malice seemingly doubled. Snow here is over four times the normal depth and the forest seems frozen. Unprotected weapons become brittle.

22 – After an arduous slog through the sometimes waist-high snow of the inner Narlmarch, Albany the Unicorn and his entourage are encountered and slain.

Jeva arrived to help and eat the spoils.

23 – The party camped for the night and was me by Baba Migori, who informed them about the nature of the Whispering Queen’s Mortal Passions.

26 – Party discovered an abandoned druid circle in the woods

30 – Party met with Gnarlroot, who was asleep for the winter. After waking him up, the party observed that the horn had vanished from Gnarlroot during his sleep, presumably when Albandy’s body was burned.

Calistril, 4711 AR

1- Party re-supplies in Hollow

2- Party accidentally encounters and parties with Pervalish and Tyg-Tigger-Tut

13 – Group stops at Kalkamedes and Elissa’s. They greet the group and ask them to take Jacob Featherstep to accompany them on their mission to help him on his path to greatness.

7- Group returns to Oleg’s and resupplies. Takes Edgrin for trip to the Stag Lord.

13 – Group stops at Kalkamedes and Elissa’s. They greet the group and ask them to take Jacob Featherstep to accompany them on their mission to help him on his path to greatness.

15 – Jacob Featherstep wakens a manticore, that sets to the air and begins attacking the party. After a coordinated offense, the manticore flees.

17 – The group arrives at the Scaled Empire of Sootscale and is greeted by Mipta Oozescramble, resident graffiti artist.

Meeting with Chief Sootscale and Vreggma, the party convinces them to commit a small force in assisting to bring down the Stag Lord – Mipta Oozescramble, Urto Crooktail, and Nakpik Mitesbane.

The party resupplies in preparation for the journey.

18 – The group leaves the Scaled Empire of Sootscale

20 – The group crosses the Thorn River, now frozen

22- During an evening campfire, Pervilash appears for general amusement. He mentions the fact that an incredibly angry manticore has been flying around, rumbling about “wanting to eat that red haired kid”.

26 – After searching the rumored area for days,the group finally discovers the location of the Stag Lord’s Fort. Yelenya conducts reconnaissance until a group of zombies pops out of the snow to chase her.

27 – The next evening, Yelenya conducts reconnaissance once again, this time managing to climb the wall and take a quick look around

28 – Based on Yelenya’s observations, the group plans an assault. Yelenya and the kobolds attempt to sneak in the back while Sayd, Edgrin, Teret and Jacob create a distraction at the front gate. They meet Falgrim Sneed, wanted for his crimes by Kesten Garess, and convince him to let them into the fort in exchange for his freedom.

After a pitched battle, all the Stag Lord’s men are dead – save Falgrim (who ran away), Dovan (who escaped), Patrek Featherstep (who surrendered), Akiros (who surrendered) and Woodrow (who surrendered). The group celebrates briefly with a congratulatory speech from Sayd before looting.

Pharast, 4711 AR

1 – The next morning, the party sets out to find Dovan through the snow. Aroud sunset, they reach a branch of the Skunk River, where Dovan had hidden a boat to escape.

3- The party returns to The Stag Lord’s fortress to try to track Falgrim Sneed. The party found graffiti all over the fort and numerous small sized tracks.

7 – The party returns to the Scaled Empire of Sootscale sell some goods and buy food. The party meeds G’rak the Stacker building a snowfort.

9 – The party reaches Nettles Crossing and deposits the Stag Lord’s body in the Shrike River. Davik leaves a magical ranseur in return. The Stag Lord recedes beneath the water with Davik. The party fails to find Falgrim’s tracks after a heavy snow.

16 – The party returns to Oleg’s and celebrates in victory. Kesten discovers that Falgrim was allowed to escape and leaves Oleg’s in a rage, appointing Sasha to be in charge of the Free Irregulars.

17 – The party leaves Oleg’s to return to Restov.

22 – The party encounters Ibex the Bold, a hungry manticore who asks for Jacob Featherstep’s whereabouts. The party kills ibex.

26 – The party arrives at Fort Serenko, abandoned

Gozran, 4711 AR

2 – The party arrives at Nivakta’s Crossing. A person mentions they had seen Falgrim here a few days ago.

The party investigates the tower of Thelgarl the Thaumaturge. Unable to gain entry through a high window, Sheriff Lorin helps the party find a secret door in the side. They enter, finding a expansive underwater cavern. After a few run ins with underwater snakes, they retreat.

3 – The party leaves Nivakta’s Crossing

7 – The party reaches Restov and peace-bonds their swords. They receive a note from Reginar, asking to meet him at the River’s Bounty.

Reginar tasks them with helping discover the inner workings of the Cult of Razmir. The group, not accustomed to being “tasked”, leaves.

They send a note to Jamandi Aldori and meet her at Hall of Swordlords, where they are rewarded. She tells them they will be awarded with the governance of their portion of the Stolen Lands at the official ceremony next month.

The party stays at the wildly decadent inn, The Drowning Flagon, on its own Island in the Shrike River.

8 – The party meets with Reginar again, agreeing to the task. He tells them to join a perspective meeting at the Ranger’s Lament, this evening.

While there, the group meets the impressionable young Evlar and goads him into joining the cult. Eventually, a black robed priest named Egarthis enters and gives a rousing speech. A party ensues the group is drugged.

9 – The group awakens in individual holding cells wearing nothing but a simple cloth shift. They are told to meditate for the day, given nothing but water to drink.

10 – The group is brought into the faith of Razmir and initiated as acolytes. They are each given a simple robe and mask and tasked under the enormous brute Krant. After a brief introduction they are bunked in a common room and meet their roommates, Markand, Vex and Cedric.

During the night after a confrontation, Teret murders one of his bunkmates, Vex, in his sleep.

11 – Training at the temple begins, an exhausting experience of endless labor and prayer. Krant puts Teret in the Mask of Shame.

12 – The PCs are paired against each other in a battle royale to show their strengths to the assembled clergy of Razmir.

13 – The PCs assist the church in a large local scheme during which donations are collected during a sermon by Egarthis – both voluntary and involuntary.

14 – The PCs help Krant shake down a bakery that owes money to Razmir and leaves its proprieter, Welton Grompus, in tears.

15 – The PCs use Sayd’s familiar to deliver a message to Reginar about what they have found.

16 – The famililar returns with a message from Reginar stating that they should find whatever evidence they can of the temple’s wrongdoings so that they government can shut them down. They can use any means necessary to achieve this.

19 – The PCs engage on a fact finding mission in the middle of the night in the Temple of Razmir. A tunnel out is discovered, allowing the group to regain their equipment Yelenya is almost killed by earth elementals.

21 – In the early morning hours another stealthy mission ensues. Krant discovers them and is summarily slaughtered by the PCs.

The PCs kill most of the priests in the temple, including Ergarthis, and retrieve evidence of foul play by the Razmir priests.

22 – PCs deliver evidence to Reginar. He tells PCs that he will be investigating who had been supplying the temple under the initials “RS” by attending the monthly covert meetings the temple had set up.
PCs are invited to be more comfortably housed within their own manor within the city. PCs meet Lady Vellara and hire her.

23 – PCs meet with the Children of the West, Temple of Erastil, and the Swordlords.

24 – Met with Children of the West, Church of Abadar and Church of Gorum

25 – Met with Church of Asmodeus, the Mivonese and the Church of Pharasma

26 – PCs met with House Lebeda and Maegar Varn. Discovered that contact Reginar Lachlan had been murdered ritualistically, with his eyes gouged out and replaced by silver coins.

27 – PCs meet with House Medyved and Lady Kitalla. An anonymous agent offered support if they will ruin the wedding between Nadya Surtova and Damien Drelev.

28 – Met with house Orlovsky and House Garess. There is a fire on the compound, defacing the house assigned to the absent Iron Wraiths.

29 – Met with the Church of Gorum, the Church of Sarenrae, and an organization called The Illuminated.

30 – Met with Swordlord Council Leader Richard Iannucci, the Mivonese delegation and the Guild of the One Eyed Witch.

Desnus, 4711 AR

1 – “Right to Rule” charter given to the party, founding the nation of Glamorfell. Varnhold and the Drelev Demesne are also founded. King Irovetti of Pitax makes an unannounced arrival on a clockwork dragon

2 – The wedding’s secret location is announced: Tharaxas, an ancient Rogarvian island stronghold named after one of their famed red dragons. Two separate ships depart to the island at different times. The group does the best to mingle with their targets.

3 – Damien Drelev and Nadya Surtova are married. Damien bequeaths his family’s ancient holding, Ostergarde, to the Surtovas. The announcement causes quite a stir.

Asked to retrieve the bride for a final toast, the group finds instead her twin sister, Eleanir Surtova, attempting to take her place at the wedding with the help of her Ulfen lover in order to save her sister from her arranged marriage. The party, thinking she is an imposter, murders her.

After a demonic incursion possibly led by a fleeing Tancred Desimire, the wedding is called off early and evacuated.

4 – Party recovers in Restov and resupplies

5 – The group begins the trek back to the Stolen Lands, along with Woodrow, Lady Vellara, Vagda Gruffmud, Tu’on and Akiros.

7 – Group reaches Nivatka’s Crossing

12 – Group reaches Fort Serenko

18 – Group reaches Oleg’s Trading Post and delivers their vision for the future of Glamorfell and a new community on the site of the Stag Lord’s Fort. All except Tenzy, Bokken and Vikkel agree to go.

21 – Group reaches Kalkamedes’ and Elissa’s house. They convince Elissa, Kalkamedes, Patrek Featherstep and Jacob Featherstep to join them.

28 – The now rather large group arrives at the ruins of the Stag Lord’s Fort.

29 – The long work preparing to settle the hex begins. The nation of Glamorfell and its first city, Foundling’s Reach, begin construction.

Sarenith, 4711 AR

1 – The area around the Stag Lord’s Fort is cleared, making a habitable space. Foundling’s Reach is founded.

Arodus, 4711 AR

1 –
- arm and fishery is built in Foundling’s Reach hex.
- 2 potions of cure light wounds appear in the village
- construction on a house and city walls begin
- artistic achievement! Namdrim Quinn arrives and debuts his best-selling song, “Wind by the Fireside”
- claim shallow crossing hex

Lamashan, 4711 AR

1 –
- Black edifice hex claimed
- Build mine in Glamorfell hex
- Build farm in shallow crossing hex
- Construction on dance hall and house began
- House and city walls finish construction

Kuthona, 4711 AR

- Build mine in shallow crossing
- Build mine in black edifice hex
- Began construction of smithy
- Dance hall and house finish construction

Calistril, 4712 AR

- Build farm in black edifice
- Begin constructing bath
- Smithy completed

Gozran, 4712 AR

- Glamorfell becomes a town
- Begin construction on Tannery
- Squatters enter the town and cause havok near the waterfront!

2- Akiros notifies council of strange deaths occurring on the borders of the kingdom, a young man and woman, along with a rash of sheep, were killed. Council sets north with Elissa to investigate the claims.

6 – Group arrives at small ramshackle inn, The Riverside, and meet its proprietor, a halfling named Bik. The group infers that the attacks were the work of a werewolf, and set about tracking him after finding evidence of the killings in the room of a Kellid man named Kundal.

After a day of tracking, the group finds Kundal being harassed by a number of talking wolves, prompting him to turn into a what seems to be a werewolf.

The group kills the wolves harassing Kundal and take Kundal captive. The group is transported to Hollow to participate in the Trial of the Fang.

7 – The group rescues Czerwonya after completing the Tests on the Path of Gamayun and killing the Gorge wolf atop Baba Migori’s tree hut.

8 – The group returns to Hollow and retrieves wolfsbane from Brother Arkadi. They feed it to Kundal, in hopes of curing his lycanthropy.

9 – The group leaves Hollow

12 – The group finds a dead grig and a sign painted in his multicolored faerie blood: Humans not welcome! Monsters only!

13- The group follows tracks from the sign and discovers a group of trolls trying to shake down Garuum and convince him to join Hargulka’s monster kingdom. Garuum doesn’t seem to agree. Yelenya is ambushed by a sole troll scout after spying on the interaction.

15 – Party discovers a mated pair of owlbears and kills them.

19 – Group returns to Foundling’s Reach

20 – Kundal is imprisoned and watched, hoping that his lycanthropy is cured. Unfortunately, it was not.

21 – The group takes Kundal out into a quiet field and executes him.

22 – Group leaves Foundling’\s Reach to explore their territory

24 – Group is ambushed in the night by 4 wights and Howl-Of-The-North-Wind, a worg of some notoriety. Howl and his minions are killed.

Tsarin the Dirgist arrives to mourn him and tells the tale of the Lonely Warrior.

26 – Group arrives at the Shrike River and meets Ringo “Aspen” Mathers, a former halfling pirate. He fleeces them for gold in order to ferry them across the river.

Arriving in Foundling’s Reach, the group hangs Howl of the North Wind’s corpse in the town center and buys a scroll of restoration from Vagda Gruffmud for Wally.

27 – The Group sets off for the abandoned Temple of Erastil with Jhod, Elissa and Lyriina Varn.

29 – Encounter with a group of Tatzylwyrms that were attempting to hunt them.

Desnus, 4712 AR

3 – Party reaches the Temple of Erastil and sets up camp. Jhod tells the story of his haunted past.

4 – In the morning, the group encounters the Grim White Stag, Herald of the God Erastil, who imparts a message with Jhod on how the group can bind themselves to the Forest.

6 – The group arrives at Garuum’s and parlays with him through Lyriina Varn. They learn that the trolls were trying to force him to join their Kingdom, but he refused. He agrees to go back with them to Glamorfell to learn of their civilization after Elissa heals his mangled right hand

7 – The group leaves Garuum’s and heads back to Glamorfell

13 – The group arrives again in Foundling’s Reach and drops off its passengers. They arrange a quick trip, nearly without equipment, to the Sootscale Caverns with Woodrow.

16 – Group arrives at the Sootscale Caverns and is warned by a distraught Durmo that King Hargulka has been meeting with King Sootscale over the last several days.

The party arrives to find Hargulka and his lieutenants attempting to coerce Sootscale into joining them. A confrontation of words arises between Prince Sayd and KIng Hargulka, and the Sootscales side with the people of Glamorfell. A night of revelry ensues.

19 – The group arrives back in Foundling’s Reach.

Sarenith, 4712 AR

- Tannery is completed
- Construction of roads and bridges within the Foundling’s Reach hex
- Construction began on Barracks

Arodus, 4712 AR

- Barracks is completed
- Construction began on Castle!
- Cult activity in Foundling’s Reach causes unrest among the populace. Strange glyphs and drawings are found scrawled around the bathhouse, causing many to become nervous.

Lamashan, 4712 AR

- The body of two men: one halfling and one man, are found floating in the Tuskwater. Unrest greatly increases, but is quickly addressed by the Council by meeting the basic needs of the citizens.
- More housing is built in Foundling’s Reach
- Construction begins on more housing and city defenses

Kuthona, 4712 AR

- More housing built in Foundling’s Reach
- Further fortifications built to city defenses and walls
- Lady Vellara moves into her hex and immediately begins constructing a grand manor in her own honor
- A bloom of rare winter wildflowers appears throughout Foundling’s Reach, colored a rare black-tinged yellow. Many see this as a good portent for the pending arrival of Akalina Orlovsky, whose house colors are black and yellow.
- Construction begins on a wooden lighthouse.

Calistril, 4713 AR

- Glamorfell expands its territory, claiming the same hex as Kalkamedes’ house and the Sootscale-owned gold mine.
- Glamorfell builds its own mine within the hex, sadly bereft of gold
- Construction begins on a pier

Gozran, 4713 AR

- A questionably stable but beautiful wooden lighthouse is built in Foundling’s Reach!
- construction begins on a pier

2 – A man named Grigori, a gifted public speaker and demagogue, arrives and begins riling up the discontented of Foundling’s Reach

- Prince Sayd has him publicy arrested after he defies an order to stop his preaching

3 – After an evening of interrogating, the party uncovers that Grigori is a paid demagogue from an agent named “Rastor” in Fort Drelev. He is exiled from the kingdom on threat of death

4 – Reports of a monstrous creature wielding negative energy emerges from the mines in the northernmost part of their territory. Overall, 20 halfling miners have been killed.

The group investigates the series of fey-like pranks around town and sets out to interview Pervilash and Tyg-Tigger-Tut at the Faerie Nest.

11 – The group arrives at the faerie nest to find an inconsolable Pervilash. There are signs of struggle about the clearing – claw marks on trees, small bloody arrows. Pervilash tells the group that a bullying troll named Thuggnir stole Tyg-Tigger-Tut and told Pervliash that he was create as much chaos as possible within Foundling’s Reach. The group begins to track Thuggnir.

15 – The group finds Thuggnir “the stinky egg troll” lairing at the sulfur hot springs. He has Tyg-Tigger-Tut restrained but is having a hard time controlling her. The PCs confront him and he arrogantly attacks. They save Tyg-Tigger-Tut who thanks them profusely.

17 – The players talk to Corax the Unclean outside of Hollow. He explains to them that lumber operations under Thuldrin Kreed have increased lately.

19 – Tessa Kelrand, her husband Namdrin Quinn, Jhod Kavken and Tenzy travelled to the northernmost part of Glamorfell to find a foul creature that had killed 20 miners during an excavation.

Later identified as a Sceaduinar from the Negative Material Plane, the four battled the creature for some time before slaying it. Unfortunately, Tessa died from a foul spell that the creature levied at her in an ambush.

Tessa was buried in Foundling’s Reach and a monument was erected in her honor. Namdrin left the nation in grief.

23 – PCs visit Lady Vellara in her manor, who gives them political advice. Unfortunately, her new fangberry wine vineyard is not fantastic.

25 – PCs stop in Hollow to resupply and look for Arven the fisherman. They receive news of recent political upheavel in Brevoy – Elana Lebeda has married King Regent Noleski Surtova, causing Houses Orlovsky and Medyved great outrage.
The Swordlords of Restov call all of their border troops home in preparation for possible unrest.

27 – The group travels southeast, mapping and exploring the Kamelands. They discover Arven and his secret fishing hole, agreeing to get rid of Old Crackjaw so that Arven can resume fishing there.

The PCs slaughter the several hundred year old turtle and receive their reward from Arven.

28 – PCs return to Glamorfell once again

29 – The PCs embark west into the Narlmarch Forest and discover nearly a dozen gnome explorers and their leader, Jubilost Narthropple. They have been attacked by black kobolds, and their wagon and ponies are now floundering in a river.

The PCs engage in a daring rescue of the wagon and ponies. They purchase information from Jubilost to help them with their mapping.

30 – The PCs return to Foundling’s Reach, where the kobolds who engaged in the attack against Jubilost and his men are celebrating their victory.

A small group of undead, servants of the Lonely King, attack the town but are repulsed by the group.

Desnus, 4713 AR

1 – Group leaves Foundling’s Reach.

2 – Yelenya sees a strange torch light and investigates it, but is unable to find its source.

3 – Group discovers the Lonely Barrow and Kallous, a korred who warns them against bringing any hostile magic out of the barrow.

The group enters the barrow, kills the Lonely King and his minions, and then are assaulted by a group of fey upon exiting. The group recovers The Lonely Blade from the barrow.

4 – Group heads southwest to explore

5- Discovery of a ford of the Gudrir River, a narrow section that allows easy access to the other side.

11 – Group discovers the Mud Bowl and is ambushed by the local wildlife.

15- Group returns back to Glamorfell, and is confronted by Lady Andara Gisvet of Mivon

17 – Council holds an improptu feast to celebrate their developments, and discusses Mivonese matters with Lady Gisvet. They agree to allow her to use her undead retainers while in town .

In turn, she asks them to help find her dwarven companion, Torvic Scrathmane, who may have wandered into the Kamelands searching for a legendary dwarven keep known as the Hall of Wonders.

18 – Council holds a meeting to discuss regional matters. The unearthing of ancient scrolls reveals that the site of the future castle was once a monastery holy to the Hag Queen, Gyronna. The monks were punished and the land cursed after the monks turned from her worship.

Disappearances and the appearance of changeling babies causes the council to suspect that a Cult of Gyronna may be active. Councilwoman Yelenya and Kaede devise a plan to discover the cultists.

23- Working with a list Kaede had devised and with information from Yelenya’s contacts, the group decides to investigate Nonna Popov’s farm on the outskirts of town.

The group discover that a large group of cultists are engaged in a foul rite to use down-on-his-luck fisherman Miles Bandy as an unwitting tool for hag pregnancy. This effort seems to be led by a rather large Hag, Toboura the Fervent.

After an epic battle that leaves Silverwind dead at Toboura’s hands, the group slays the cultists, burns their bodies and those of their victims, and takes Kedrova Tumurovna, the cult leader and local midwife, captive. Toboura escapes.

24 – The council convenes an emergency session to discuss the issues brought up by the cultists. The group interviews Kedrova and then executes her. Kedrova detailed the hags plans – named Mamuna, Toboura and Vaga. She explained how the hags were attempting to seed half-hag babies into the human colony and delivering the babies to someone or something inside the Narlmarch forest in return for a magic flute, called “The Harkener”.

25 – King Sayd addresses the public with a message of unity and peace regarding the hag infiltration. The hag babies are given to the priestess Tu-An to raise for now.

Sarenith, 4713 AR

1 – A guardsman reveals that Tessa Kelrand’s grave has been unearthed and her body taken. The group tracks the theft west several miles and then returns home.
Raging Floodwaters threaten to flood several farms along the Thorn River in the Black Edifice hex. By expertly mobilizing local halfling farmers to build dikes, disaster is averted.

2 – The group tells Akiros to follow the tracks as far as he can into the Narlmarch Forest. Yelenya tells her spies to gather information from the houses of the former cultists. They visit Jhod for spiritual advice. Fort Drelev sends a message asking for a diplomatic disucussion.

3 – Jhod prays to Erastil a third time and reveals that the children are no longer in the forest. Jubilost Narthropple arrives, demanding a position on the council. Josef shows up, explaining that he is researching a magical phenomenon in the Stolen Lands and that he needs Kaede’s help.

4 – Akrios returns, explaining that they lost the tracks in unexplored territory within the Narlmarch. The group leaves on an expedition to find out what happened to the dwarven exploration crew in the west Kamelands.

9 – Group finds a battered and tortured Torvic Scrathmane hiding in a cave, with most of his memories destroyed.

10 – After discovering that Tartuk the kobold is potentially creating an alliance with a group of derro and their shadowy mistress, the group descends into the Gallery of Wonders to stop her during the Feast of Pallid Measure.

The group frees five captives – Imro, Merisk, Lyrehawk, Torvic and the man later known as Daybreak. They then make their way to the Feast itself through a secret door and spring an ambush. They manage to kill or drive off all the derro, kill Lady Morialeth and the hated Tartuk. Once Tartuk’s token of the Whispering Queen is removed, once again a pair of luminous eyes form over his body for a moment before disappearing.

11 – The group rests and leaves the Gallery of Wonders with victims in tow.

15 – The group returns to Foundling’s Reach and allows Torvic and company to rest. Marcus is reprimanded by Sasha for leaving his post without permission.

16 – Tu-An takes a liking to Daybreak after being asked to care for him. The group meets with their council and with the foreign envoy from Fort Drelev, Dovan of Nisroch.

17 – the Group leaves Foundling’s Reach in order to further explore the Accursed Halls.

19 – While passing through the Scaled Empire, they note a sign that forbids the entrance of humans and humanoids. Evidence of strip mining is obvious in the area.

20 – The group arrives at the Abandoned Halls on the evening when it opens.

21 – The Group emerges from the Accursed Halls, much the worse for wear.

25 – The Group arrives at the Sootscale Caverns with news of Tartuk’s death. After a vigorous debate with Vreggma, Rinto and Pirrack the Sootscales decide to lend their military support to Glamorfell.

28 – The group arrives in Glamorfell, to be met by Lord Captain Marcellus Odan of Taldor. He wants to bring back Akiros on the charge of murder! The group pardons Akiros for his crimes and sends Captain Odan back to Taldor.

This evening is the Midnight Dash – a halfling festival marked by dancing, music and feasting until the stroke of midnight. At this time, all the youth of the village run into the forest to find the legendary “Fern Flower” for its magical properties. While noone has ever found the Fern Flower, many youth have engaged in romantic trysts or have even found their significant other in some secret forest glade under the moonlight.

Erastus, 4713 AR

5 – Kaede and Josef conduct a tour of Glamorfell, testing for magical abnormalities and coming to the conclusion that there are abnormalities in the school of Conjuration, pointing to the possibility of a Planar Breach somewhere in the Stolen Lands.

15 – Cephalus Lorentus – resident wizard of Varnhold – along with Willas Gunderson and Maegar Varn himself arrive in Glamorfell via completely ostenacious and expensive pegasi. Varn stays for an evening and celebrates the alliance between the two nations before bringing Josef back home for his duties.

17 – Akalina Orlovsky and her retinue of servants arrives in Glamorfell, to much delight of the townfolk

25 – After a visit by Varnhold dignitaries, an official economic treaty between Varnhold and Glamorfell is established.

Arodus, 4713 AR

1- After rumors of troll sightings and troll massacres in the southern portions of Glamorfell, panic in the population swells.

2 – A nationwide recruitment campaign for the Glamorfell Army begins within Foundling’s Reach. Dozens of halflings from the surrounding farms eagerly sign up for the draft.

3 – The people of Glamorfell demand better roads to the farmlands to the northeast of Foundling’s Reach

5 – The first forestry and sawmill operation opens in the Narlmarch Forest

7 – Glamorfell colonizes land in the hills to the east of Foundling’s Reach, partly in an attempt to stall kobold expansion

12 – Construction on a granary begins as a first step in preparing for potential conflict with the Troll Kingdom.

15 – The group sets out to explore the southern reaches of their territory, along the shore of the Tuskwater.

17 – The group stays the evening at Vellara Manor – now a fairly ostentatious chateau and winery run by halfling servants. Lady Vellara gives them counsel and tells them about the possibility of ancient elven artifacts and ruins within the Narlmarch Forest. She mentions the concept of a series of elven wards, called a “mythal”, embodied within ancient tree saplings that can be planted and set to protect a given community. She mentions that the nature of these wards can be erratic and there is no knowing exactly what it will do until it is planted.

19 – The group returns to Glamorfell to restock briefly.

22- The group explores the territory to the southwest of Foundling’s Reach and discovers the swampy residence of the Old Beldame. One misunderstanding leads to another – scarecrow constructs got destroyed! – until the crochety old witch tells them to go away or she would unleash the full power of her magical might upon them.

25 – The group explores the southern reaches of the Tuskwater coast, and sees the coldly glittering lights of the Candlemere an its desolate tower in the distance.

26 – Group enters the forest and encounters Baba Migori, who cautions them about the dangers of the forest

29 – Group finds the Miner’s Lament, a gorge in the forest full of gems and magical waste product that the forest produces. After trying to loot some gems, they are attacked by a number of elemental-like creatures glowing with strange colors

31 – Group finds a hidden druid grove holy to Gozreh. Within, they find a disheveled old man who turns out to be Crakken, the brother of Bokken.

Crakken tries to ambush them and eat them, with the aid of his feline friends – a leopard and a magically augmented lion.

The group subdues Crakken. It turns out he has been “feeding” himself by eating anyone who disturbs his grove for the last 60 years or so. He reveals that he was once close to the Old Beldame.
The group executes Crakken for his crimes.

Rova, 4713 AR

3 – Group crosses the Skunk River with the help of summoned water elementals. Every stinks of sulfur afterwards.

5 – Group discover’s Melianse’s Pond deep within the Central Narlmarch. She had taken several loggers hostage for cutting down several trees in her domain. The loggers’ leader, Corax the Unclean, asked the PCs to help him negotiate with Melianse. She agreed to let the loggers go if the PCs can replace the trees that they felled.

10 – Group notes that many of the trees in this area look destroyed or even digested, large swaths of flora laid to ruin.

12 – PCs meet Tiriessa, a dryad, and her consort Falchos inside her grove, called the Sundraught. The group parties like rock stars with Falchos and Tiriessa and a bunch of woodland creatures. Later, Tiriessa asks the group to help her defeat Bloodroot, an ancient treant to the south who has a taste for fey flesh and has been destroying large potions of the Central Narlmarch.

14 – While travelling along the Skunk River, the group hears a whispered conversation between Hargulka and Vaga, talking about securing a tower with a force of bugbears.

16 – The group discovers The Blighted Hollow, home of Bloodroot and his entourage of malicious forest denizens. The group defeats him and leaves his corpse to decompose.

19 – The group returns to The Sundraught and is rewarded by Tiressia. Falchos agrees to accompany them back to civilization. She gives them a number of magical trees that can be used to replant Melianse’s grove. Tyg-Tigger-Tut warns the group about fey of the “Nightmare Court” residing in the ruins of the elven keep.

22 – The group reaches Melianse’s lake and replaces her missing trees. She allows her captured loggers to go free.

27 – Group finds the ruins of the elven keep deep within the forest. Upon exploring it, they are ambushed by Rigg Gargadilly the quickling. Beating through him and his entourage, they eventually face the Dancing Lady within the Tower of Fellhollow and slay her during a conversation with her.

Wally entered a secret room and sat upon the Billowseat, an ancient remnant of the extreme use of elven divination in the room. He was transported to the Astral demiplane called “N’Shesh” where he met Flardyn, the undead elf who watched over it. They discovered that ancient elven magic probably existed at the Still Tower to the south.

The elf helped Wally use the room’s powers to observe different events in the Stolen Lands’ past. He inadvertently alerted the hags to his snooping and with the help of her coven, Vaga Trollfriend projected herself into N’Shesh. She then destroyed Flardyn and dismissed Wally, taking control of the room for herself.

28 – Group races to the Still Tower

Lamashan, 4713 AR

1 – Kingdom Turn. The Glamorfell shopping district is completed. Glamorfell expands, claiming the Lonely Barrow hex. A halfling army begins training at Foundling’s Reach
News of elven archaeological finds have increased numerous scholars’ interest in Glamorfell.

3 – While searching for the Tower, the group encounters Lesharrk, a housecat who says he was transformed into this form from that of a griffon by the hags. He states that the hags ransacked the Still Tower but didn’t find what they were looking for. Two of the hags returned to their lair with the majority of ransacked elven treasure while Vaga stayed behind.

Lesharrk asks the group to save her eggs, which are inside the tower and in danger. They agree and access the tower through an underwater tunnel.

After Imro finds a secret passage within the wall, the group ascends the tower through a series of secret passages and finds some ancient elven treasure. They ascend the tower and steal the griffon eggs, leading a fraught running battle back through the depths of the tower to escape.

4 – Party re-groups with Lesharrk, who helps them rescue Teret’s body. Baba Migori is summoned to help restore his stony self back to life.

6 – While travelling north, extreme cold hits! The temperature plummets with a cold snap and heavy snow begins to blow

9 – The PCS reach the Sundraught and recuperate briefly. Tiressia tells them that an Ala is about to be born near Hollow.

17 – The group reaches Lady Vellara’s manor and shows her the mythal. She tells them that a halfling child has gone missing, causing a bunch of alarm in Glamorfelll.

18 – The PCs reach Foundling’s Reach and call a council session. The halfling child’s (Tig Tannerson) tracks are found south of Foundling’s reach.
A bough of Temeton the Silver is planted in Foundling’s Reach

19 – The group follows the tracks to the Lizardfolk Village, Idesk. They see a will-o-wisp floating above the village as a child’s screams are heard that night

20 – The group approaches Idesk to parlay. Sayd suspects that Shrusk is a disguised hag.


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