Fame is ranges from -100 to +100. It is the sum action of your words and deeds, reflected in your reputation and how well you are known. It is very difficult to increase your Fame score. In general, increasing your Fame score is at the GM’s discretion, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Every level you gain, your Fame score increases by 1.
  • Your Fame is felt in a sphere of influence of 100 miles from your home base. For every additional 10 points of Fame, this increases by 100 miles.
  • Your Fame score determines what you can spend prestige points on. As your Fame increases, more options will open up.
  • Certain events in the campaign, as determined by the GM, are worth a certain amount of Fame. For instance, solving the Kobold Crisis was worth 1 Fame point. So was saving Oleg’s from Happs Bydon. Pacifying the Thorn River Camp is worth 1 Fame point. Capturing the Stag Lord is worth 3 Fame points.
  • A quest specifically given to you is usually worth 1 Fame point (like Kaede’s quest to save Kalkamedes)


Prestige points represent your ability to leverage your Fame. You earn Prestige Points (PP) by completing objectives during the course of play. In general, these are much easier to earn than Fame points, and don’t depend on your charisma. The GM decides which deeds and story goals are worth prestige.

  • You automatically gain a prestige point every time you gain a Fame point.



This list will be updated as more things become available. I reserve the option to add plot-dependent things on a whim.

FAME 0 -9

  • Hero’s Luck! (1 PP) = you gain +4 luck roll to a single skill check. Must declare before roll is made.
  • Palm Greaser (4 PP, permanent) – pick a settlement. Once per game session, you can avoid imprisonment or confinement with a Diplomacy check (15 for petty crimes, 20 for serious, 25 capital)
  • Work Detail (1 PP) – 50 commoners as part of a work detail for 1 week
  • Planar Pact (4 PP) – gain the service of an imp, mephit, quasit or similar creature from Improved Familiar list. Acts as your willing servant for time equal to 1 week per your intelligence, wisdom or charisma bonus (whichever is highest)
  • Have your body recovered by a rescue team (5 PP)
  • Access to goods (varies) – For every prestige point spent, you gain access to goods whose base value is equal to 250 gp. You still have to purchase those goods, and market value can be considerably higher, depending on the good and availability. The max amount able to be accessed is dependent on fame.
    Fame under 5: 0 gp.
    5 – 9: 500 gp
    9 – 12: 1,500 gp
    13 – 18: 3,000 gp
    19 – 24: 6,000 gp
    25 – 32: 8000 gp
  • The following spells can be purchased with prestige points without paying money in a settlement of any notable size. At Oleg’s, Jhod will perform these. If he cannot, a messenger will be sent for help.

Dispel Magic (1 PP), Lesser Restoration (1 PP), Identify (1), Make Whole (1 PP), Remove Blindness/deafness (1 PP), Remove Curse (1 PP), Remove Disease (1 PP), Remove Paralysis (1 PP), Raise Dead (16 PP)

FAME 10+

  • Arcane Study (1 or 2 PP)(Fame 10+) – With the help of a wizard or magic ritual, you gain the ability to prepare and cast a few weak arcane spells. If you spend 1 PP, you can prepare 4 wizard cantrips or one 1st level wizard spell. If you spend 2 PP, you can prepare 4 wizard cantrips and one 1st level wizard spell. You case these spellsas a wizard, and must have the minimum intelligence to prepare these spells. You can’t select this award if you’re a wizard. After 24 hours, you take 1d3 points of intelligence damage and lose any spells you didn’t cast.
  • Trail Blazer (2 to 4 PP) – create a permanent trail from one hex to another with local help. Grassland: 2 PP, Hills: 3 PP, Forest: 4 PP
  • Character Witness (5 PP, Fame 10+) – If you happen to find yourself in trouble with authorities as a result of false accusations, an influential benefactor steps forth to vouch for your honor, absolving you of any wrongdoing. You can use this away without penalty three times, after which the available benefactors begin to question your reputation; any further use cost you an additional 1d4 Prestige Points.
  • Lore of Ages (1 PP) – You may secure the assistance of a dedicated sage, librarian, or other knowledgeable individual, granting you a +5 bonus on any single knowledge check after 1 hour of research. You make this Knowledge check as if you were trained in the skill
  • Wanderer (1 PP, permanent) – The long time you’ve spent on the road with fellow travelers has enhanced your knack of picking up local customs. Knowledge (local) becomes a class skill for you within your Sphere of Influence.
  • Contact (5 PP, permanent)- Place a contact within your Sphere of Influence that is loyal to you. This contact will give you information and help in whatever what they can without endangering themselves.
  • Bodyguard (2 PP) Half your level, for one week.
  • Soldiers (2 PP) 10 1st level soldiers for one week.

FAME 20+

  • Arcane Study II (3 pp) – This award works like arcane study I, except you can prepare one 2nd-level wizard spell, and the Intelligence damage is 1d4 instead of 1d3. You can use this award and arcane study I at the same time. Youcan’t select this award if you’re a wizard.
  • Favored Territory (Title, permanent, 5pp) – Choose a 100-square mile region within your Sphere of Inf luence. This is now your favored territory, and you gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks within that territory. When your Fame reaches 30, you can select this title a second time, gaining a second favored territory and increasing the bonus in your first favored territory to +4. When your Fame reaches 55, you can select this title a third time, gaining a third favored territory and increasing the bonus in your first favored territory to +6 and in your second to +4.
  • Fence Friend (Title, permanent, 4pp) – Once per month when selling any item, you may do so through an NPC fence, increasing the sale price of the item by 10%. This has no effect on items normally sold at full value (such as gems and trade goods).
  • Inititiate (Title, permanent, 1pp) – A powerful organization accepts you into its ranks. This could be a knighthood, a sagacious cabal of mages, or an order of monks. One skill appropriate to that organization becomes a class skill for you. You may select this title multiple times; each time you select it, you choose an appropriate organization to join and another skill that becomes a class skill. The GM determines whether an organization is available and what skills are appropriate choices for it.
  • Master of Trade (Title, permanent, 4pp) -Using influential contacts and mercantile experience, you can find a good deal within your community. Once per month, you gain a 10% discount when purchasing an item. This award cannot be used for spellcasting services, costly material components, items normally sold at full value (such as trade goods or gems), or magic items purchased through prestige points.
  • Intense Student (Title, permanent, 2 pp) – You gain a +2 competence bonus on checks with one skill as long as you have this title. You can take this title again once your Fame reaches 30, 40, and 55, selecting a different skill each time.
  • Sacrifice (0 PP): Make a significant sacrifice to gain 1d3 Prestige Points. If you are a heroic character, you must spend 400 gp × your character level to use this award, representing a great feast in your name, charitable giving, or other expenses that improve your reputation. If you are a villainous character, you must kill or sacrifice allies and minions whose total Hit Dice equal your character level, representing callous evil toward your friends and underlings. You can use this award twice per year.
  • Sage (Title, 5 PP): Select one Knowledge skill. You can make untrained checks with this skill up to a maximum of DC 20 instead of the normal limit of DC 10. You may select this title multiple times, each time selecting a different Knowledge skill.
  • Temporary Cohort (1 PP): Gain a cohort as if you had the Leadership feat. This character remains in your service for 24 hours.
  • Vindicator (Title, 2 PP): Pick one rival organization as your hated enemy. You gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls against members of that organization. This is a favored enemy bonus.
  • The following spells can be purchased with prestige points without paying money in a settlement of any notable size. At Oleg’s, Jhod will perform these. If he cannot, a messenger will be sent for help.

Atonement (2 PP or 8 PP), Dispel Magic (1 PP), Lesser Restoration (1 PP), Remove Blindness/Deafness (1 PP), Remove Curse (1 PP), Remove Disease (1 PP), Remove Paralysis (1 PP) Break Enchantment (2 PP), Greater Dispel Magic (2 PP), Heal (2 PP), Neutralize Poison (2 PP), Restoration (2PP, 4 to remove negative level), Regenerate (3 PP), Raise Dead (16 pp), Greater Restoration (16 pp), Resurrection (32 PP), True Resurrection (72 PP)


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