The last outpost of civilization leaving Brevoy, Oleg’s Trading Post has long stood as a necessary if ill equipped facility. Over the last year and a half, hunters and fisherman have traded rural goods for a reasonable profit before these items make it back to Restov.

Standing in the midst of the endless waving grasses of the Greenlands, the post has long been besieged by a variety of maladies: bad weather, bandit attacks, ill warnings and omens from the nearby forest. If it were not for a close knit communities of hunters, the eccentric druid Tenzy and the equally insane hermit Bokken, the post would have been in ashes years ago.

The Restic government recently installed Oleg and his wife Svetlana for reasons unknown to man the post. While doing an adequate job, they are in over their heads and a bit terrified; all their predecessors have disappeared at the hands of hostile natives.

The post is clearly an old, if rustic fort, that had been used by Taldan explorers centuries past. It was in dire need of repair, but recent efforts have managed to bring it slightly back toward the realm of defensible. It has 10 foot high walls with 20 foot high towers, topped with ineffective ballistae.

The recent arrival of an chartered group from Restov has brought much of the crime in the area to halt, greatly increasing the prosperity of this establishment.


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