bloodtree.jpg Hidden deep within the Narlmarch Forest, the village of Hollow is an ancient and brooding place. It exists due to the agreements struck after the fateful meeting between Mikhail the Woodcutter and the Whipsering Queen. As a result, the people of Hollow are allowed to live their insular lives deep within the forest relatively unmolested.

A circle of warding scarecrows keeps the entropic effects of the forest at bay, and a strict code of conduct exists among the residents themselves in terms of how and why to act. They follow an arcane set of laws known only as the “The Old Ways” that is relatively unknown to outsiders. The people of Hollow believe that if they follow these Old Ways, they will be reincarnated as treants after death, able to live their lives in commune with the forest.

In fact, most residents of Hollow are not allowed to leave beyond the borders of the forest once they reach an adult age. Only certain members of the village – known as the Unclean – are allowed to interact with outsiders, and they pay a dear price for the service they render to the other villagers.

The people of Hollow lead a quiet, reserved and secretive existence, and ask that their presence within the forest be kept a secret from the outside world.


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