The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

Adventure Log for 24 Calistril, 4710 AR

Letters from Sayd

To the esteemed Lady Chelsee Wintermere-Byrne, lately of Kyonin,

Darling halfling, I devoured the first volume of your latest offering, The Hellbrides of Tantalus, in a single rapt sitting, as a man starved. What wonders you weave! That Darkmyr and Lucian could be brothers!? The tragedy is palpable. My concern at who Arielle will choose has me near breathless. I will begin the next volume forthwith. How a doughy faced halfing woman of middle years, bespectacled and frowning, bereft of the lineage she was married and widowed into—or so I imagine you, as we have never met, toiling over your manuscripts in some manner of tree-hut in the woods—should conjure such realistic and passionate erotic scenes is a grand enigma to me, one of life’s wonderful little quirks. Should I ever have the chance to meet you I should be delighted to suck each of your toes in turn and lavish upon you such a spectacle of indecency and lust as even your own vivid imagination might hardly create. Until such time I remain,

Your greatest fan,
Sayd Krynn
Restov, 24 Calistril 4710

My sweet Ursula,

Your letter found me in quite a thrilling scenario. Before I recount it, let me express how warmly touched I am that you and your husband still write me after so many years apart. As you know it was hardly the first time I have knocked on a stranger’s door whilst soaked to the bone in rain in the pitch of night, but it was certainly the first time that I was fed my free dinner from a trough with a collar round my neck. Such fun we had!

I am now in Restov, Brevoy, a charming little city of chaos, though I leave on the morrow as part of an Expedition of Exploration with five other souls to scour the Good Earth of Evil Doers. It is a job and a purse, but at least has already got me a dinner date with Jamandi Aldori, a prominent and unabashedly gorgeous lord of the city. If you ever come to Restov, you must visit the bathhouse on Howling Road, which includes a tavern and eatery. I have spent the better part of two weeks in there ravishing such comely creatures as even Pitax scant offered, and am the better beast for it.

I was in something of a fight earlier and was quite well stabbed by some slab faced varlet, though I expect the wound to heal. I needn’t frighten you with the riveting details, suffice to say that I have not lost a step. I was delighted to hear that your daughter will be joining the priesthood. I will be sure to congratulate her personally when I am next in Riddleport.

To answer your question about N: I do not pray to her with words, but with my life seek to weave a tapestry of such beautiful ruin that, passing from this world to the next, she might see it and smile.

Your faithful hound (woof!),


hahahah fantastic, Cameron! Where is the lovely Ursula at the moment? Pitax? Riddleport?


In Riddleport. Just some people he spent a memorable week with years ago who continue to coorespond.


I wonder if we’ll ever hear the story behind the collar.

johnrmcinerney johnrmcinerney

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