The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

Adventure Log for 24 Calistril, 4710 Absalom Reckoning

Kaede's Diary

Revered Master,

Today marked the launch of the expedition in Brevoy. As ordered, I added the names of the ones foretold to the list of petitioners: Teret Feron, Toreg Whitefire, Sayd Krynn, Aduialon, and Yelenya.

Truthfully, I did not expect for us to be chosen, as the selection process was clearly rife with corruption from the start. But as you always say, wise Master, no man fears a robbery more than the thief. The balance of power here is tenuous, the interested parties do not trust each other, and thus the agents of the Way were easily able to manipulate the process in our favor. We have been selected for one of the four charters, with none the wiser. I attempted to show an appropriate level of surprise at the news, but as you know, patient Master, this is something that I find difficult to do. I hope that it was convincing.

My companions are a varied lot; each has a distinctive style, and a unique set of skills that they bring to the group. As you have so often suggested, perceptive Master, I’ll detail my first impressions in writing, to better calibrate my senses for the future.

Teret Feron. This human man fights fearlessly and without hesitation. During a battle last night, he ran immediately into the fray, and I even witnessed him shielding a wounded companion. Teret rescued some captive animals from a burning building, and had the presence of mind to gather some potentially-incriminating documents from the warehouse even as smoke overtook him. He hasn’t said so, but I think that he is a professional soldier. No ordinary hired sword would have that kind of discipline or selfless poise on a battlefield. Teret has the look of a man who expects a battle at any moment; he even abstained from drinking during the festival, to keep his mind clear, a fact that did not escape this trained observer. I have a feeling that Teret will be a particularly valuable ally in this lawless land.

Toreg Whitefire. A dwarf with a noxious combination of poor social grace, atrocious hygiene, and a complete lack of awareness of those first two things. Within minutes of us meeting, I had to defuse a potentially explosive encounter between himself and some drunkard human; thankfully, peaceful Master, it did not come to blows. Toreg appears to be some sort of Druid scout with an animal handling specialty… he is followed around by a juvenile elephant, and summoned a bird from nowhere to fight for him in combat. Despite his demeanor, he may be a decent individual. He was the first to the cages when it came time to rescue the captive animals, and he even ran back into the burning warehouse to rescue Teret, who had been overcome by smoke and fire. It’s possible that Toreg is merely misunderstood; I will keep a close eye on him.

Sayd Krynn. A comely tiefling Sorcerer with a mercurial personality, flexible morals, hedonistic tendencies, and a silvered tongue. His skill at diplomacy is considerable, more so than any other in the group, although it does appear that it gets him into trouble as much as it gets him out of it. With the proper direction, to curb the worst of his tendencies, I think that his talents could be of great value to the expedition. Being keenly aware of my own deficiencies in this area, I’ve decided to encourage him to take the mantle of leadership in the group. Given his (apparent) motivations, I think it will be easier to keep him focused if he’s in a position of prestige.

Aduialon. I don’t know quite what to make of this fellow elf, who has said little in the short time spent with us. I will say this, though: Aduialon is the type of warrior that looks to be moving even when standing still (much like you, elegant Master), and effortlessly felled a bandit with a single pinpoint strike of a rapier. Definitely dangerous, possibly in a way that will be a boon for us. Analysis: keep watch.

Yelenya. A female rogue. She is as slippery as a wet fish in cold hands. Even with my heightened powers of perception, when staring directly at her I find my gaze sliding off to the side. My first impression is that she tends to operate independently, without discussion, consensus, or planning. That tendency got us into a tight spot when we clumsily infiltrated the warehouse, but if I am being honest, we also never would have gotten the intelligence about it in the first place had she not quietly slipped away from the group to eavesdrop on Ivan and his men. Like with Sayd, I think that we have a valuable talent here that just needs the proper direction. Speaking of Sayd, these two have a connection that needs to be explored. They have a way of communication that’s unique to that particular partnership. It’s not exactly thieves cant, but perhaps more akin to twinspeak, or at least the comfortable familiarity of two individuals that have spent a long time working together.

Well, honored Master, there is much more to tell, but no time for it. We will soon depart Restov, and there are final preparations to be made. I have not yet made a decision regarding what to tell my companions about the true nature of the expedition; the agents of the Way have given me autonomy in this area, but the responsibility of their trust weighs heavily upon the shoulders of this initiate. I ask for the wisdom to know what is right, the humility to learn from my mistakes, and the courage to see this mission through to the end.

As always, I am your faithful apprentice,



Incredible work Jason. I hope Toreg has someone like you to speak at his funeral, otherwise its just going to be a bunch of people throwing stones at the coffin.

johnrmcinerney johnrmcinerney

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