The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

toreg's journal entry 24 Calistril, 4710 AR

today was another day of trouble for toreg – in order to escape the heat from conrad ashdreger for our disagreements i was forced to join this ridiculous group of women – some may be men – but they have beardless faces smooth as a whetstone – having yet to see their fallocs or any other sign they are men i will go with the assumption they are all women until new information arises – things started to go wrong almost immediately when a drunkard human started to accost me for no reason in the bathhouse the group wanted to attend – why are humans always bathing – their florally smells stings my nostrils and the animals can smell a human coming from miles away – after that fun – the group climbed into the second floor of a burning building – all following an especially creepy woman who gives me the feeling that she is partly undead – at least her eyes are dead – i will need to investigate her further and if needed rid the world of her if she truly is an abomination – despite the madness of e
ntering a burning building i begrudgingly followed as i did not want to explain why i was the only living member of the group only minutes after we were formed – thank goodness i did too – when i arrived there were two men attacking these so called comrades of mine – the sorcerer wench fancies herself a fighter despite her lack of physical prowess and most likely would be dead if i hadn’t summoned my trusty eagle to peck the life out of our assailant – after i single handedly solved that conflict the crazy sorcerer ran off after another man without stopping to heal herself – i was already growing weary of bailing the party out of sticky situations already when i heard the yelps and cries of both cats and dogs coming from the first floor – i went downstairs and found about a dozen animals in cages and immediately began to set them free while the fire raged around me – i probably would have been able to save them all had another weak willed woman – terret – i believe her name was stupi
dly followed me and began choking on smoke and she collapsed to the floor – i helped her instead of saving more of the poor cats – she will pay for her stupidity but not today i decided and dragged her limp body from the fire and provided my excellent first aid – the cats screams while they died will haunt me for sometime but i find some solace in knowing they are now embraced in cold arms of Pharasma who will shepherd them to the astral plane – their pain is over while mine continues – in some ways i am jealous of their shedding their corporal bodies – then as if i hadn’t had enough torture for the day i was dragged away by local law enforcement and charged with arson – all after i save that pitiful woman from certain death – the group probably knowing how important i am to their success came to retrieve me from my shackles and i learned of something quite horrible – the man they dragged in with them – the one the sorcerer blindly chased despite losing quite a bit of blood was proce
ssing and selling dog and cat meat for sale – those poor poor animals had to suffer in cages until they were given over to Pharasma all to fill the bellies of this horrible group of humans and all the other cursed races they have procreated with to make half this and half that – if you needed any further proof of the weakness of humans look no further than the half orc – what being in their right mind would lay with an orc then have and raise its offspring – it should have been cleansed with fire just like the undead they resemble – let Pharasma sort them out – the mead is starting to haze my vision so i will stop writing now and fall into a slumber on the floor of this inn – how i long to sleep under the stars – but humans find that to be odd and will persecute me further if i attempt to do so inside the city limits – soon i will be able to cozy up to my trusty elephant companion warmed by his warmth while cooled by the soil i lie of top of


“…after I single handedly solved that conflict..”

lol, perfect. Great job Keith!


I don’t know that I have ever laughed so hard and so continually while reading something aloud in all my life.


This was great. I love the stream-of-consciousness style.

johnrmcinerney keith_lennon

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