The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

Walorin Journey Entry 1

Not too long after my journey begun, it come to a screeching halt. Screeching like a dive-bombing roc on a clear day in the Peaks.

Going was slow, on account of the fact that me and waistrel was hunting for our own food most of the time.

One night i woke up being dragged from my campsite all scooped up in a crude net. Going slow through the plains being dragged by some fiesty blue pygmy groseros. No sign of that horse. After awhile we came up on this sickly tree, and they dragged me between the roots to their underground compound. I dun know, but i reckon i was going to be dinner, or a sacrifice to some small blue god. but i couldn’t see a durn thing b’cause we was under th’galldurn ground.

well lucky for me i weren’t there for long, when i heard a whole lot of commotion and saw some of them midges running back and forth. Shadows on the wall!

And in they walked. A bevy of beautiful ladies led by a man with a shield. An they was kind enough to let me loose. Well needless to say i joined in the retribution ‘gainst those little blue devils! Can’t have em out there waylaying decent folk in the night.

they also had in their company two small lizardfolk. i never had much experience with such as them, but so far they seem interesting. One of em is a big fucker with a sword, and the other likes to make traps out of twigs and dust. I think we will git along just fine.

Anyway- the ladies was surprisingly good fighters with some tricks up they sleeves! i ain’t ne’er seen real magic before, but they was shooting flames and life in equal measure. and it was a good thing too, coupl’a them girls got knocked down pretty hard! We had a great fight on the way out, and once we did make it to the light the little fools followed us out! All the ladies held their own, and we managed to get all them blue fuckers gone.

so it be seeming that these fine ladies and shield-butch are the law in this area – can’t say i got a problem with that, and they done invited me to join em to bring law to the place. Seein has i ain’t got nowhere else to go, and as how i don’t want to wake up in anymore nets, i gladly accepted they kind offer.


johnrmcinerney JayFas

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