Baylin Ironheart

Dwarven Paladin of Torag


Baylin is a dwarf who is hard to miss. He has Flaming red hair which clashes terribly with his Green colored Full Plate armor and Large Steel Shield. He Clanks and Clanges with every step or movement, he doesn’t tip-toe around. He smokes a very large pipe and the smoke engulfs him and those around him as he exhales
Baylin travels with a donkey by the name of Toby. Toby is neither the biggest or strongest donkey around but he is loyal and sturdy and “takes no shit from anyone”. Baylin raised Toby from when he was a baby. As such, Baylin is very protective of Toby and will go out of his way to keep him safe.

Despite this, Baylin is actually very reserved, he only speaks when he has something to say but he is also very passionate about what he believes. Baylin is very confident in his ablility’s and never gets rattled or panics.

Baylin’s equipment is immaculatly taken care of. Anyone seeing Baylin would have a sense that this dwarf has seen many battles.

A Dwarven Waraxe rest comfortably on his right hip and appears to be his main weapon. Among his possesions is a strange looking hammer with a long handle. The head is in the shape of a Cryosphinx (like a regular sphinx but with the head of a ram). This is a family Heirloom from Baylin’s Grandfather Jarlak Ironheart, who aquired it on an adventure in Osirion.

Baylin’s Current Age: 108


Chapter 1 (Childhood)

Baylin’s parents run a mining consortium in the Five Kings Mountains (Highhelm)

Family is very religious. Very wealthy.

Baylin is the First born and heir to the fortune but he has younger siblings as well that could take over if he falls.

Baylin trained to be a paladin in the Forge of Torag in Highhelm (center of religious life of all dwarves)

Wants to get out from under the shadow of his family wealth. Make his own fortune.

Chapter 2 (Finding Purpose)
Baylin Age (45 years old)

Baylin travels north and learns about Dwarven Ruins with Torvic Scrathmane. Torvic become a father figure and mentor to Baylin. Baylin learns a lot about dwarven history (Lorekeeper racial trait, and Holy Guide Archetype)

Baylin Age (55 years old)
Torvic introduces Baylin to future wife Grelka Farcutter (Ironheart unoffically)

Chapter 3 (Trouble at home)

Baylin stays in the small mining village of Brunderton in eastern Rostland with Grelka, he joins the community in their efforts to extract the gems from the local mines. After 15 years (Age 70) he bringing Grelka home to Highhelm where Baylin’s parents, Dugan and Sirella rejected Grelka as not worthy of the Ironheart name. Baylin returns to Brunderton with Grelka to get married and continue their quiet life.

Chapter 4 (New Beginnings)
Baylin’s Age (70 to present)

Baylin and Grelka make a good life for themselves.

Conrad Ashdreger wants Baylin to work at his mine, Baylin refuses (Detect evil postitive) due to safety concerns. Mine accident a few years later claims the life of two miners (married) named Whitefire.

Baylin takes job at smaller mine for less $$$. (Iimited # of positions) Militia soldier as well.
Miners in town are not happy working for so un-Scrupulious a boss (Conrad), have no choice if you want to work.

One of Baylin’s main goals is to find mining opportunities for the dwarves in and around Foundling’s Reach.

Baylin Ironheart

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