Ciel Kyr Thranoch

The Black Prince


Supernaturally alluring and beautiful, it is immediately obvious that this young man is more than human. He walks with languid grace in constantly shifting, wispy shadow garments of fey mystique, the tone of his cascading tresses and hypnotic irides changing with his whims. His face is permanently flushed, his lips the color of crushed roses, and the space around him seems ten degrees too warm. Where he steps, the foliage seems more vivid, bending toward him as toward the sun.


Ciel hails from the Ankar-Te district of Kaer Maga, the City of Strangers. He has spent the better part of his life in the company of Yelenya, a Varisian dhampir who raised him like a little brother and who shaped his moral path through life. He worked for a time as a shadow broker in Daggermark under the name Sayd Krynn, which in the Abyssal tongue means “Blond Baby,” before being hired to assassinate the Stag Lord, a notorious bandit in the Stolen Lands. His crew, Three-Tailed Fox, was decimated in their attempt. He and Yelenya survived and later joined another expedition to finish the job.

After forming the Black Cats as Sayd Krynn, he eventually assumed the mantle of leadership with repeated displays of his cunning, fearlessness and steadfastness towards his friends. After the founding of Glamorfel he declared himself the Black Prince.

The pivotal moment of his career came when he consumed a fruit known as the Apple of Discord and became consumed by the Narlmarch Forest, eventually studying under the tutelage of the wise woman Baba Magori. After the defeat of the Cold Rider at the Gleegutting, he absorbed the power of the Eye of Rapture and became infused with First World magick. His libertine past has been replaced with a mixture of calculated and whimsical mysticism.

It is said that his gaze can blind, harm and confuse those upon whom he looks. He married Akalina Orlovksy and founded the noble house of Kyr Thranoch, the ruling family of Glamorfel.

Ciel Kyr Thranoch

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