Imro Bellringer

Dwarven Cleric of Sarenrae


Imro is a priest of Sarenrae, an opinionated yet affable dwarf. His forthright and sometimes bombastic manner have been disarming to friends and foes alike, who tend to forgive Imro’s overly-bold observations on the basis that the words of one who speaks with genuine and open conviction are not be taken too seriously. While Imro has been known to step on sensibilities, he is magnanimous of heart and never intentionally disrespectful or rude. Furthermore, he can be deeply sympathetic. His generosity extends even towards those who may consider themselves to be his political or spiritual foes.

Imro’s good-hearted nature and love of fun should not be mistaken for weakness or an overabundance of tolerance. Armed with spiritual gifts of Sarenrae: healing, cleansing fire, and scorching light, he considers it his personal mission to defend the innocent and bring low the unrepentant.

Imro is a rare dwarf specimen. His hair and eyes, inherited from his mother, are uncommonly pale. In sharp contrast, his dusky skin is inherited form his father’s line of Golka dwarves from the Goluskin mountains, made darker by Imro’s practice (unusual for a dwarf) of spending long hours in the sun. Imro meditates out-of-doors during his daily devotions to Sarenrae, the goddess of the day, also named the Dawnflower.

Imro eschews the austerities imposed by some sects; he loves sweet foods, strong drinks, beautiful women, music and parties.

A prominent scar lines Imro’s proudly domed bald head, a feature accompanied by memory loss, a token from when he and a group of dwarven friends were imprisoned and tortured by a mad alchemist deep in the dwarven ruins known as the Gallery of Wonders. Imro escaped, found his scimitar and saw it lit with holy fire. With the sure knowledge that his captor would continue his predations if allowed to live, Imro executed him, a righteous and premeditated act. As fate would have it, Lord Sayd’s group came upon the dwarves and escorted them safely to Foundling’s Reach where they have been made at home. These contiguous and providential events have come to define Imro’s sense of purpose.


Imro Bellringer is of the Golka dwarves in the Goluskin mountains, local to Brevoy. His parents, Lofrick and Elanor Bellringer, had been highly skilled and esteemed artisans in the mountain, until a noble accused Imro’s father of bringing dishonor upon the house. The couple were made to leave the mountains with their three sons, the young Imro and his older twin brothers, Druli and Guruli. The family were ill treated by other Golka dwarves due to their exile and fall to a lower social standing. By the time he came of age, Imro preferred the company of non-dwarves. Imro’s father was inexplicably murdered, mere weeks before all the dwarves on the mountain mysteriously vanished. Because Imro had not the skill of his brothers in tradecraft, they had a falling out. Afterward, Imro made his own way, eventually finding himself at home with an unconventional group devoted to Sarenrae.

Imro Bellringer

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