Mamua the Wretched/Shrusk

Lizard folk infiltrator


The hags plan seemed clear – each of the three would infiltrate one of the major civilizations around the Kamelands, working from within to further their goals. Mamua was the least of their number, consigned to live among the mud and filth of Idesk within the delta of the Murque River.

Mamua easily brought herself to prominence among the lizard folk, with their dwindling numbers and food supply. She soon proved herself invaluable, aiding sage advice on how to deal with a rapidly changing outside world. All the meanwhile, she brought them further and further into her influence.

Her true nature was discerned by the group in the village of Idesk. They unleashed Olaf upon them, who quickly killed a score of them. In a tense standoff, General Teret Feron then killed her while she was still in lizard folk form.

Mamua the Wretched/Shrusk

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