Young reformed bandit


In his late teenage years, Storr is a determined if awkward young man. He is certainly not imposing: freckly, red haired and gangly. Having fled the chaos in Galt, he soon found himself recruited into a gang of bandits when the alternative was starvation.


Storr was part of Happs Bydon’s bandit gang that arrived for a routine monthly extortion of the Levetons at the Trading Post. Seeing most of his companions stumbling around the battlefield while either entrapped in grease or vomitting and blind, Storr decided he did not want to die.
He then surrendered to the party.

At his trial he was found guilty but given clemency for a promise to never resort to banditry again. Instead of hazarding the return trip to Galt, he asked to stay on the at Trading Post. While clearly suspicious, Oleg assigned him to a multitude of menial tasks, working the boy endlessly. He spends his nights locked up in windowless storage building.


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