Yelenya of the Lidded Eyes

behind the smile are always Fangs.


Lithe and beautiful, gifted with a dancer’s grace, Yelenya of the Lidded Eyes nevertheless manages to avoid attention. She slips from shadow to shadow like a dark butterfly. Her rare open mouthed smiles reveal fanged teeth.


Yelenya’s Backstory:

Born to a washer-woman and a vampiric guardsman 120 or so years ago Yelenya grew up in the lower middle class. She does not hold her fathers affliction against him. After watching her mother pass away from old age and sickness more than 70 years ago she went into a bit of depression and stopped talking to her father, who had a tendancy to spend more time at work and less with her. She had a more or less happy youth, although it was tough to make friends when everyone she knew grew older faster than her. Growing up she became more and more concerned that there seemed to be a major problem with being “different” where humans, and elves, and dwarves, and Halflings were the majority races. She went out of her way to befriend orcs and goblins, basically any of the more unusual races. Looking mostly human was a bit of a hinderance for her when it came to hanging out with “monsters” although her flame colored hair and eerie looking eyes (one clear blue, the other bright green) certainly helped make her look a little less normal. Although not rebellious in nature, she definitely came to the realization that anyone not from a “humanoid” race faced an awful lot of discrimination, she herself could pass as human despite her looks and the short fangs, but there was a problem for other races. So she tries to help. While she was in her 40’s Yelenya came into posession of a newborn tiefling, whom she named Sayd, and did her best to raise him. After her mother died in her 50’s Yelenya suddenly found that she had to get another job. Fortunately due to her innate grace and attractiveness she managed to get a job entertaining at parties. Few people expect that the young woman who barely looks out of her teens would, and did, not only thieve them blind, but also enjoys it. As she grew older she started enlisting Sayd in her schemes. Yelenya and Sayd left Kaer Maga to wander the next few years. Eventually Sayd started the Three Tailed Fox company which managed to provide her with a suitably entertaining lifestyle and which she enjoyed thoroughly… until the company met the Stag Lord. Almost all the company died in the ensuing combat, and while Yelenya stayed away from the larger battle and tried to pick off stragglers she was not totally successful. In the aftermath of the battle she managed to find one of their companions, a gunslinger goblin, and eventually located Sayd amidst the carnage. It took a considerable amount of work to get her injured companions to the nearest town…

Yelenya is a little odd to deal with, preferring to work behind the scenes. She goes out of her way to avoid being in the limelight unless it directly benefits her or her plans. She gives off the feeling that, no matter what she says, there is both something that she isn’t telling and something that she planning. Yelenya is 120 years old, she watched her mother and most of her friends die of old age, good luck figuring out what she really has planned…

Yelenya of the Lidded Eyes

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