Feron Street is the most well manicured area in the residential district. Each of the Council members has a nice stone house here. The interiors are nicely appointed and keyed to their owners, for instance, Kaede’s has a small dojo for martial arts and meditation, while Woodrow’s contains his own personal shrine to Asmodeus.

The Skittering Way is rife with colorful pennants and halfling houses, built to the scale of these small inhabitants. It is a relatively small area at this point.

Moragar Dell is a densely packed, meticulously clean little way that contains the homes that were originally intended for dwarven settlers but have been taken over – and repurposed – by halflings.


The Public Baths are a large, sprawling series of public bathhouses frequented by the populace.

The Naderion is an upscale bathhouse designed by Sayd and Vagda that caters to the wealth of the town. Sayd has his own private bath here. The attendants are all pretty girls of various races. Pricey food and drink is available. The bathhouse is themed after Naderi, goddess of drowning, tragic love and suicides and is meant to be a place of quiet, sedate peace rather than revelry, although revelry certainly happens. The half elf woman Cleri Blythe manages the bathhouse for Sayd.


The Moan and Shrike is the premier dance hall in Foundling’s Reach. It’s all about drinking, dancing and excess. The crazed, one eyed gnome Brittlebazzil Monkeytoes runs the place.


Madame Quinn’s is the best smithy in the Reach and features high quality weapons and armor. It is run by the eponymous Madame Arjir Quinn, a quiet, elderly human who has hired a host of woman, some her daughters, to do much of the actual smithing, now. There are 2 human woman, 2 halflings and 2 dwarves under her employ.


Hammerlar’s Fine Floors and Housework – Olen Hammerlar is a local legend. Running the nearby mill in addition to being self-proclaimed master carpenter, he is eager to further his own fame. He’s a house carpenter, all whistles and chewing tobacco, whose specialty is the “one day porch”. He has the knack for lightning-fast work, and can bring his own horse-driven sawmill to any place his wagon will go. He promises to put up any cabin or palisade in a tenday or less (except in winter)


Ston Leatherworks – The small, wiry, and lithe halfling merchant Ston Runeless came to Foundling’s Reach from southern Daggermark relatively recently. The war harnesses, scabbards, sheaths, bracers, clothing, and rather crude, but warm and dry, boots Ston makes here in his smelly tannery are very popular with the citizenry (and especially with the provisioners at the Barracks). Ston gets many of the hides he uses through the work of his tanning team, a group of well-armed, strong souls who go out with a wagon into the perils of the unclaimed territories to butcher livestock for landowners and buy and bring back the hides.

Ston’s friendship with Tu’an has become an increasingly open secret around town, and he and the priestess of Sarenrae obviously like and respect each other. Ston donated his own time and that of his tanning team to hauling supplies when the she was tending to the sudden influx of refugees, and he and she have helped each other on many projects since.

Do not expect any stylish stuff here, or even simple adornments or scrollwork. Ston makes plain, solid, serviceable gear, and many a weary warrior or local in need has been right glad of that.


The Lord’s Barracks – This walled compound of armory and barracks buildings is alertly guarded all day and night, because more weapons are stored here than in the rest of the town combined (except, perhaps, in Lady Kaede’s house). The town watchmen, who patrol the streets and market, operate out of the barracks here – although an any given time half of them are out on patrol. Visitors are not encouraged to nose about here, but the admirer of fine horseflesh is in for a treat when a mounted patrol sallies forth: Many riders like to coax their horses to rear up and dance, flinging their hooves out in fighting strikes, as they emerge from the gates!

Unless Glamorfell were actually at war, 10 milita members are always here training under the instruction of Lieutenant Sasha or Lord Teret Feron, and another 10 or so are patrolling the town and vicinity. Members of the Glamor Militia can summon each other by a distinctive rising two-note (“Blast-blurp!”) horn call. Marshal Akiros refers to this sound as “that stupid fucking fart-burp”, a system that he nonethless personally devised. All militiamen wear a horn at their belts in case of emergencies.

A fortified and menacing basement is rumored to exist where “guests” of King Sayd can stay under guard or while chained in confinement until questioning is completed.


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