The Baths

This lushly furnished bath house, wrestling gym, and beauty parlor is notorious among Restovians of all occupations and merchants from Riddleport to Absalom for the scandalous goings-on that take place within its walls. Its one of the few places in this busy city of trade and work where one can relax and indulge oneself in unhurried comfort.

Many fires keep the Baths warm, and the carpeted, tapestry-hung rooms are decorated in sensuous splendor. Exotic plants and ferns jostle for space along the marble walls. Anyone willing to pay the rather still 7gp entrance fee can bathe here; a private tub is an additional 4 gp. For 2 gp on top of that an attendant scrubs and perfumes you, and for 3gp more your clothes are washed while you’re in the tub. (Repairs are an additional 2gp.) Use of of the exercise facilities is free, though weaponplay is baned. It is not unusual to see several groups playfully wrestling in the hot mud tubs.

The spicy reputation of the Baths comes from the more amorous activities that take place. Though the Baths arent officially a festhall, there are no rules against guests enjoying each others company or even befriending the bathing staff. Restov is full of tales about the riotous games involving adventuring bands of Swordlord soldiers on furligh, large numbers of guests, and games of blindfolded tug ’o war or strike the dragon with the sponge.

Occasionally such frolics spill out into the streets and startled Restovians are treated to the sight of shouting steaming unclad people scampering down the streets trying to catch each other. Sometimes the participants are not quite naked. Masks – particularly tentacled muave mind flayer head masks, for some strange reason – and pink rubber dragon costumes are favorite frolicware at the Baths. Folk lacking their own fun can rent appropriate attire when they arrive. More than one criminal in Restov’s past has hit upon the rather absurd idea of wearing on ehf the more concealing masks furnished by the Baths while committing dastardly deeds such as stealing jewelry of noble ladies from their bedchambers by midnight .

Drink flows plentifully at the Baths, though theres no food to be had except the occasional sugar tarts brought by general patrons. The Baths serve wine, Chelaxian pepper whiskey, sherries and liqueurs. You can even bathe in tubfuls of certain drinks if you have coins enough to pay for the filling.

The staff at the Baths includes skilled masseurs (and masseuses) and hair-dressers, one or two acrobatic dancers who’ve mastered some startling contortions, and several naturally friendly folk who’ve become very skilled at just chatting and setting people to used to bathing in public at ease. It is recommend that travelers who want to quickly catch up on Restovian gossip, find out where they can buy certain items, or discover where so-and-so lives ask for a rotund jolly man by the name of Maundygre. He loves to tell visitors such things as he soaps their backs.

Some highly skilled escorts also work at the Baths. The half-elven beauty Shalara comes immediately to mind. She keeps her extremely long nails sharp, though. One can bleed quite a bit into one’s tub, spoiling the sherry its filled with.

Some people definitely come to the Baths hoping to meet a future paramour. Others come only to relax in a hot tub, alone or with friends. One such man goes just so she can eat very messy foods that she loves involving tomato sauces and melted cheeses without getting her expensive and stylish clothes soiled. She slips into a private tub and eats then while unclad so she can wash off spills unconcernedly.

Folk who want to discuss business, hot gossip, or shady dealings are warned that the prevalence of marble walls and water in most rooms causes some curious echoes. Plans may well be overhead in adjacent rooms!


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