The Drowning Flagon

Occupying its own nameless (as far as one can see) island, this former noble’s guesthouse has grown over the years into a complex of stables, outbuildings, sleeping cabins and -after a disastrous fire – separate kitchens and granaries. The main building, thanks to that same fire, now has a soaring central hall and two huge, grandly appointed dance chambers. These chambers are probably the most luxuriously furnished rooms in all of Brevoy outside of the Royal Court, the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven, and private nobles’ dwellings.

The Flagon was once Restov’s best kept secret, a place where locals met to gamble or count rent rooms for the private meetings of organization such as tiny cults, the Aged Evening Escorts Benevolent Trust, and the Sailor’s Onshore Investments Agency. The Flagon has rapidly grown in popularity due to parties held in its halls by various wealthy merchants seeking to buy themselves reputations. Now its an overpriced inn. It costs far too many coins – 7 gp per head per night – to stay in rooms above noise and nightlong sexy pranks, dancing and carousing.

Yet its a fun place, and most of it is too newly rebuilt to look worn or grubby yet. The flagon is the place to hold a function in Restov – an inn on the way up.


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