Easily the tallest structure in the city, the Tower of Aldori is the central meeting place for the Swordlord Council that rules over Brevoy and the surrounding regions. While only the lowest level has been seen thus far, the officers of the higher members of the Council are all found on appropriately higher levels.

The tower always seems to be bustling with activity, and the state of organization in Restov and Brevoy in general assures that any wait at at office here for official business is sure to be a slow one. That is, of course, unless the proper Brevoy tradition of a hearty bribe is delivered.

In the spacious tree-lined plaza leading to the manned from gate, a tasteful statue of Sirian Aldori stands almost tucked away, although its base shows the traffic of many hands over the years. Also known as “The First” or “The Sword Baron”, a brief history of his escapades and role in the founding of the Swordlord Council is etched in the marble base.

Included in the tower is the Treasury Office, and separate officers for both the Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellimus and Jamandi Aldori, who serves as the council’s liason for the common people of Brevoy.


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