The Village of Hollow


Nestled deep and amid hidden paths in the Narlmarch Forest, Hollow is the end result of an ancient pact between Mikhail the Woodcutter and the Whispering Queen centuries ago. Given leave to reside within a forest otherwise hostile to non-fey, the people of Hollow live according to a strict series of superstitious rules they call “The Old Ways”. Residents of Hollow are known for their fatalism, reverence for the forest, and their truly notable woodworking skills. The various miscellaneous ills that befall people in the Narlmarch Forest seem mostly absent from Hollow.

It obvious the village has been victim to a slow but inevitable decline. Many houses remain abandoned and in various states of disrepair. Centuries of inbreeding and a strict belief system have left the average person… a little off. The people are reclusive, hiding and refusing to communicate for the most part with the outside world.

Despite this, the village remains an incredible asset for those explorers of the Narlmarch Forest that can find it, as it is the only human habitation known in the entire forest. Food, mounts and gear can be had here, albeit at an inflated price.

The Village of Hollow

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